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Does it really make sense for WG to balance BB accuracy based on broadside alpha rather than DPM or shells per minute?

Content of the article: "Does it really make sense for WG to balance BB accuracy based on broadside alpha rather than DPM or shells per minute?"

This is something I've tried to figure out for a while since the slow 12-gun USN BBs came out, and now with Hizen coming up. As we know these BBs that have a higher broadside alpha than their counterpart in their respective tier pay for it in two ways: Reload speed and accuracy.

But hold on.. does that really make sense for it to be this way?

Lets compare Kansas to North Carolina:

  • AP DPM: KS 212k, NC 235K
  • Sigma: KS 1.5, NC 2.0.

Think about it. So North Carolina has higher DPM in addition to higher accuracy. Unless I'm wrong, that means North Carolina, despite having fewer shells per salvo, will be able to land more shells over the duration of the game with no downside to per-shell performance. Roughly the same 'shells per minute output', but at higher accuracy = More hits in total over the span of the match, right?

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Then there's Hizen (still WIP) vs Izumo, both with reload mod.

  • AP DPM: Hizen 274k, Izumo 263K.
  • Sigma: 1.7 vs 2.0 respectively.

Here Hizen has a slight advantage in DPM, but with a significantly worse per-shell performance (AP pen is just above Amagi, far below Izumo) and accuracy. I have a hard time seeing Hizen's 4% higher DPM warranting a whopping 0.3 worse sigma.

This whole thing feels strange to me. The exception for this is of course BBs that have other significant upsides, such as German turtleback, or Massachusetts that pay with accuracy to get all the secondary and survivability buffs. But the slow USN BBs and Hizen have no such significant advantages over their counterparts, so their broadside alpha is the only thing they have, and they way it's balanced just doesn't add up IMO. Does it really make sense for a BB to have worse accuracy due to broadside alpha, despite having the same DPM as a counterpart with fewer guns? Wouldn't it make more sense to:

  • Adjust accuracy relative to shells per minute rather than shells per salvo? Since shells per minute, and not shells per salvo, is what really determines the amount of hits over a longer timeframe so to say.
  • Give ships that have more guns, like Kansas, only slower reload but the same accuracy, keeping the 'hit rate per minute' the same.
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Thoughts? Am I missing something? I don't know how to better put the idea into words, so I hope it makes enough sense and is understandable.


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