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Yesterday I made a post about Kleber and how you could (in theory) abuse Auboyneaus talents to get up to a ridiculous 120 000 kts (some people in the comments made even more impressive calculations, proving you could go faster than light), this time I will show how you can do something similar with Halland/most swedish destroyers, and Jerzy Ṡwirski. To reach the ridiculous torpedo reload speed, we will need:

  • 1 Halland (Any other high tier EU DD will also do the trick), with TTM2 module installed.
  • Jerzy Ṡwirski (with the AR and TAE skills learnt) commanding the Halland.
  • Atleast one enemy (preferably a cruiser or battleship, with a lot of HP, and a heal (Minotaur , Goliath and Conqueror are good contenders.)
  • 1 Kleber or any other french ship equipped with Auboyneau. (Not necessary but can be used for extra fun)
  • Luck, the most important thing, since this is quite RNG dependant.

To reach the high reload speeds, we will abusing Jerzys “Torpedo reload expert” Talent which directly from the wiki:

Torpedo Reload Expert: reduces the torpedo tube reload time by 5% for every eight "Torpedo hits" ribbons scored. The talent can be activated multiple times.”

Because this can be activated multiple times, we can abuse it the same way as with Kleber with Auboyneau. First we need to place the enemy ship close to the Halland, and shoot it, resulting in the Halland being left with 1 HP (this is so Adrenaline Rush can be at its maximum efficienc) and have the Halland shoot torpedoes at the ships bow. every torpedo will hit, resulting in the talent activated. And since we are aiming at the ships bow, we can easily saturate it and the torpedo will deal no damage. In the case of flooding we can only hope the ships dcp and heal will be enough to mitigate the damage done by it. This talent will activate once every salvo, sometimes twice, due to quintuple torpedo tubes. We can then continue this process until the game is almost finished, by then. Torpedo reload will be reduced to below 1 seconds, and from then, torp reload will go absolutely ridiculous, since you will activate the talent several times a second.

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But wait, there’s more!

As someone pointed out in my last post, torps count to potential dmg. Meaning, that a kleber standing next to the Halland would get a lot of potential, especially in the end, when the Halland, will basically be able to launch 10 sets of torpedoes a second, this means that if we were to have 12 Hallands doing this we say that they launch 100 torpedoes a second, we would get 1200 torpedoes a second. Yep, and that is only for one second, during a minute, we would launch 72 000 torpedoes. Every Halland torp does 10 700 dmg meaning that, the combined Hallands will have a torp DPM of 770 400 000 dmg. But, since the torp reload is so fast we can activate the talent multiple times a second, meaning that we can basically get an infinitely short torpedo reload, meaning the torp dpm can be several million times larger, and by the end we will basically have infinite DPM. This means our Kleber will get an infinite number of potential damage. Resulting in an infinite number of talent activation, and an infinite speed. We also need infinite luck to prevent any floodings on the enemy ships. This could only work in theory though, in wows, it often takes some time for the torps to launch when you want them, and WGees potato servers could probably not even handle 12 Hallands without ridiculous reload. With that being said, it is still fun to theorise about the possible reload speeds in wows.


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