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Fighting Yamato in a Tier 7 Battleship 101.

Alright because Yamato is an unstoppable force that needs to be nerfed into the ground and shouldn't be fighting Tier 7's, even though every single tier 7 in Legends can fight Yamato on PC but no one mentions that. Yamato is not hard to fight it just requires patience and map awareness.

You need to remember that Yamato is one of the easiest ships to citadel in the game. The citadel is massive and angled as well.

This is the Yamato cheek. If the enemy Yamato is not broadside aim to the area forward of the first turret. This is the reason Yamato can get citadel even while angled or bowtanking.

You also need to know which nation's battleships are good engaging an enemy Yamato. The best nations are the Germans, Russians, and Roma. Bismarck, Tirpitz, Vlad, Lenin, and Roma are great at bouncing Yamato shells while bow in only if angled properly. Odin can also bounce the shells, however unlike Bismarck and Tirpitz, Odin has a low freeboard which means she sit low to the water, unlike the Bismarck sisters which sit very high in the water. Usually this is a positive, but because Odin is German, she has bad deck armor add to the fact that turtleback armor does absolutely nothing in range engagements means that Odin is more vulnerable to plunging fire compared to Bismarck and Tirpitz.

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Reminder you should only be engaging a Yamato when there is no destroyer or cruiser in the vicinity. With these nations stay angled while pushing a Yamato. Most Yamato players are bad. If they are bow on spam HE, until they start turning. If they turn and the cheek appears, or even better they go broadside, switch to AP and blast them. If they don't turn and are reversing or staying still keep spamming HE until your close enough to engage the cheek or their broadside yourself. As before switch to AP and blast them to port. Reminder I only recommend this method with Bismarck, Tirpitz, Odin, Vlad, Lenin, and Roma. It can be done with all battleships, but due their lack of ability to bounce Yamato shells while bow in, I don't recommend it.

As for the other nations you have the battleships with turtleback armor and those without it. Japan and French battleships have turtleback armor so up close they can tank hits for Yamato and not get citadel although they will still take heavy pen damage. However just like before if you move in close enough to where you can catch their broadside and take them out. As for the Americans and British stay at range and spam HE until they start turning and switch to AP when they show broadside. You want to stay at range especially with the British.

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Tips to Remember

  • Always stay on the move and never stay in one place.
  • Bismarck, Tirpitz, Odin, Vlad, Lenin, and Roma can bounce Yamato shells while bow in.
  • The Germans, Japanese, and French, battleships have turtleback armor. Its possible to not be citadeled at close range, but you will still take heavy pen damage.
  • German and British battleships have terrible deck armor and are very vulnerable to plunging fire.
  • The American and French Battleships as well as Vanguard are fast enough and can turn well enough to dodge Yamato shells. Yamato is a Japanese battleship, she has slow shell velocity.
  • British, Japan, and the French have very good HE.

Hopefully this is helpful to the people who complain about Yamato. Honestly speaking Yamato is the second worst Legendary ship in the game in my opinion. If none of these tips help you then I don't know what to tell you, but to Git Gud.


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