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Flight Control Modification 1 Impact on CVs (Focusing Hakuryu)

Content of the article: "Flight Control Modification 1 Impact on CVs (Focusing Hakuryu)"

I always wondered about the Impact of Flight Control Modification 1 (FCM1) on CVs compared to the concealment module.

While the extra 2 planes of each squad that FCM1 provides is obvious , the additional 5% buff to the plane regeneration is not obvious at first . Yes its a clear 5% buff , but just how many planes do i get exactly ?

and more importantly , how many more planes the module provides compared to the standard build with Air Superiority (AS).

So i made a small table that calculates how much of an Impact the FCM1 has on plane regeneration

Hakuryu Example – AS: Air Superiority , FCM1: Flight Control Module

Haku made a good example since there is an argument for using Concealment of IJN CVs. I took the plane regeneration rate in seconds and calculated the amount of planes the CV is capable of generating within the battle max time (20 minutes ).

As you can see , the FCM1 provides an approximate of 3 additional planes per squadron. the first 2 is the flat number of additional planes which the module provides and the remaining 1 plane is the result of the 5% buff to the CV planes regeneration rate .

bearing in mind that the calculation is based on a 20m battle with the CV squads missing planes from the onset of the battle , which is not 100% realistic , but will suffice for the purpose of the calculations .

which brings us to the conclusion of this exercise . the FCM1 provides a guaranteed additional 2 planes per squadron with an extra plane per squadron ,in ideal conditions.

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therefore the question that players should ask themselves ,

Do they want an additional 2 planes per squadron ?


A 10% concealment buff and the 5% dispersion debuff (Red Shells) that the concealment module provides ?

As for my personal preference , i love my concealment builds , even on CVs. they provide the opportunity to play aggressively and better avoid plane detection .

positioning your CV aggressively cuts down the flight time to the target thus increasing you DPM . moreover , it allows you to support your teammates in the late game where my CV AA bubble discorges the Red CV from attacking your teammates.

i would like to hear your thoughts on this .


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