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German bb Inspirations

German bb main here! I just cant decide how I want to spec my german BB commanders…

Ill give you a short overview: My playstyle is an aggressive, cap oriented push, supporting destroyer or cruisers that hopefully wont suicide straight away lol Often enough I happen to defend a flank all alone vs multiple enemies without backup or i have to hunt enemy destoyers with a Scharnhorst/Odin I focuse on my main battery on most ships, getting close to the enemy where my turtleback gives me an advantage

I run secondary builds on: Bayern, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Bismarck

Captain: Ciliax Inspirations: Hipper (sec range) and AL Fusou (he fire chance, also on secondaries) as inspiration.

Specced: brawler, porcupine,firefighter mastermechanic, will to rebuild

I run Survivability builds on: Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Odin, Tirpitz,Großer Kurfürst

Captain: AL Scharnhorst (ALS)

Inspirations: Kedrov (turret traverse) and Beaply (reduced fire chance)

Specced: brawler, porcupine,firefighter, mastermechanic, will to rebuild

I just cant decide if i want to swap beaply for something more useful

Main engagement distance is >12km

I tried the following options: – Di Revel for Main battery reload but I think its just minimal so not really worth it – Galler for he damage but I mainly use ap – von Essen for better ricochet angles but it's not really an issue as my main nemesis is overpens lol – Guepratte for bb speed is not needed as my ships are fast already (hes level 1 anyway cos I don't see any use in it) – Al Dunkerque reduced flooding damage is situational but I very rarely get hit by torps when my damage control is down as I don't extinguish fires when destroyers are close and im in danger of getting torped – Jaujard ap pen… this is a hard decision for me: I used him on scharnhorst and odin because it got recommended by some guides but my AP is rarely shattering on them as I aim at the upper belt with lower caliber and I still get decent damage On my 380s it's not worth it as the german pen multiplier is very good already – Hipper secondaries I only use him on my ciliax as inspiration as that is my secondary build captain – AL Hipper fire damage reduction… not worth it as I think it's more useful to prevent (beaply) fires than trying to reduce the damage to you – AL Hood increase torpedo protection… if I get torped its mainly by Japanese ninja dds so its not useful to reduce that 20k by 2k damage… – Madden a combination of different Revel and kedrov but reduced effectively so not viable imo – Jellicoe repair party duration not really breathtaking change – AL QE reload, ap damage and shell grouping… Really good looking but not levelled enough yet to see a effective change – Cunningham shell grouping. Used him alot until I got ALS – Takagi hp restored by repair party … same as jellicoe – Kondo increased bb concealment haven't levelled him enough to see a big difference – AL baltimore increased rudder shift time… maybe useful on Kurfürst/tirpitz but not enough levelled yet

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I only mentioned the ones that I think are useful for me

Maybe you can help me 😆


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