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Ghosts of WG’s Chrismas past: summary on past Christmas container events and calling out WG’s bullshit (Data drain warning, contains a shitton of pics)

Content of the article: "Ghosts of WG’s Chrismas past: summary on past Christmas container events and calling out WG’s bullshit (Data drain warning, contains a shitton of pics)"

Thanks to zylalx1 on the CN NGA forum's wows board for summarizing this in Chinese and finding the links to the original pages in the news portal

As an oldtimer who's been around to see how WG spiraled into this pathetic state with their "festive events", I decided to go back on and take take a closer eye on WG's claim that "this Christmas is just like the others", and "we thought everyone already knew the rules" cuz I sure as hell don't remember this being this way

So let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we, and lay out the skeletons in WG's closet bare, showing from the contents, rulesets and advertising just why this is not a merry Chrismas

2015 :"sekret santa"- Testing the waters

The rules: "Player A buys a gift, which WG will give to a random player (B), at which point Santa would gift player A the same gift that was given to player B.

This was very likely a test run on the concept of Santa crates There's no record of what was actually in these crates but I assume it's something close to what's in one of the small containers we have today.

To be honest, I don't think there ever was a "Player B", I personally did not get anything, and non of the people who I chatted to at the time said anything about getting anything, feel free to correct me if you were one of the people who actually get something…

2016: "Santas wanted" – So it begins

The rules– with large crates as an example

1.each large crate contains one of the following items

  • a large amount of Doubloons
  • a large amount of Camouflage
  • 180 Days Premium Time
  • Ishizuchi
  • Atago
  • Prinz Eugen

2.If you get a SC drop in the crate opening process, then it will contain one of the ships listed in the red list above (I'm too lazy to retype them, sue me), if you get a ship that you've already got then you'll get full compensation in doubloons of equal value

Basically, the same promotional concept as last year of "gift-giving", but this time you got to pick someone on your friend list (or yourself) to receive the gift and this time the things inside are actually specified. At this point, there are a total of 20 ships in the total ship pool with 3 "rare ships" (nikolai, grem, MK)

Note. Belfast was already out but not contained in these crates

2017: "Santas wanted" 2 Electric Boogaloo

small crates

medium crates

big crates

in addition, all crates have the potential to contain one of the following ships: Nikolai, gremyashcy, kamikaze, tirpitz, kutuzoz, atago, belfast, loyang, Prinze Eugen

The rules– with large crates as an example

1.each large crate contains one of the following items

  • 180 Days of Premium
  • 2,000 Doubloons
  • Premium British Destroyer Gallant
  • Premium Pan-Asian DestroyerLoyang
  • Premium American Battleship Alabama
  • special camos
  • special Flags

2. if you get a repeat ship in the original ship pool(i.e Gallant/Loyang/Alabama) you will receive a random ship from the "special" ship pool

If you are receiving a ship from the "extra" ship pool you will not receive a duplicate ship unless you already have all the ships in the pool

if you already have all the ships in both ship pools then you will only potentially get a duplicate ship from the original ship pool, i.e Gallant/Loyang/Alabama, at which point you will receive the equivalent value in doubloons

note: Missouri was out but not available in the crates, GC was not confirmed to be going off shelves just yet

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This year WG toned back the "gift-giving" aspects of the Christmas event and went more for the "gift buying angle, could be for a buddy of your's , could be for yourself cough cough wink wink**

At this point, the total ship pool increased to 34 potential ships with an additional 2 "rare ships" being belfast and kamikaze, in addition to the original nikolai, grem, MK

2018: "Get ye rare ships here" – Beginning of the spiral into gacha hell

The year began to see the WG officially advertise Christmas boxes as a way to sell rare ships, and the idea of Christmas gift-giving was nowhere to be found, they straight up tell you that you are buying yourself a gift. The ship pool was increased to 56 ships, and 2 ships (Missouri and Caesar) were added to the rare ship pool, bringing the total number to 7. At this time Musashi and Kronstadt had not yet been confirmed going off shelves

But here's the real kicker, take a close look and you'll clearly see from how WG was deliberately making the ruleset of getting rare ships vague, to how there was a rolling banner showing off all the rare ships, to “A chance to get 1 from 56 premium ships, these were a ploy to mislead the buyer into thinking "All i have to do to get a rare ship is to get lucky", it was absolutely not because as they claimed "we thought everyone knew the rules"

still not seeing it?

then let me make it even more clear

Here are the rules for the Christmas 2018 event as written on the portal, using the large crates as an example.

If you get a ship that you already own, it will automatically be swapped for a different ship from the list. In this situation, a Santa container dropped onto the transport ship in the Port will be changed for a supercontainer, and you will get a ship that comes with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points.

If you get a ship that is already anchored in your Port and have collected all the ships that have a chance of being dropped in Santa's containers, the transport ship will be displayed with a Santa container placed on its deck. Once you open the container, you will see the ship it initially carried. That ship, however, will not steer into your Port. Instead, you will receive the ship's price in doubloons, a Port slot, and a Commander with 10 skill points.

and here we get to the crux of the matter

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Starting from this year WG stopped telling us that there was a shortlist of ships to get through before you would start getting into the "rare" ship pool, so anyone who even either weren't around the last few years or just forgot (it's been a while and who TF remembers stuff like this anyways) wouldn't even know about the mechanics of how these ships drop.

WG wants you to think you get dropped a random ship from the 56 ships in the pool with an equal chance at the start. so the "we though everyone knew" excuse holds as much water as paper ships like stalingrad or MVR ever did:

2019:"A time of gifts" -Further down the rabbit hole we go>

I need to go soon so no pics, I'll leave the links so you can see for yourselves

Everything this year down to the portal page style and misleading statements were basically the same as in 2018. The ship pool increased to 86 ships and 5 rare ships were added Musashi, Kronstadt, Benham, Enterprise, and fujin, bringing the total number rare ships to 12

The difference between the rules and the 2018 rules is that if you already have all the ships on the ship pool, when you get a ship drop, instead of getting the full amount of doubloons compensated you will get the drop changed to one that's not a ship (this is supposed to prevent people with all the prems in game from using this to farm dubbs), the only time you get the full doubloon compensation is when you got this ship from a method that's not opening crates and you then opened a duplicate

2020:"sekret santa 2"- When hell broke loose

Everything this year down to the portal page style and misleading statements were basically the same as in 2018 and 2019. The ship pool increased to 107 ships, 2 seemingly "rare" ships were added (newtrashshitme and Flint), which can also now be traded for coal, but the portal announcement lumped them with the "rare" ships, and their in-game status is SPECIALUNSELLABLE), bring the total pool of rare ships is 12+2.

In addition, WG actually made a notice that a few ships were going to be "the rarest of the rare" by taking them out of the crate drops next year(grem, nikolai, GC, kamikaze and fujin). wow, so cool, such artificial scarcity, very nice.

According to the previous announcement for ships going off shelves, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Alaska should be added to the 2021 Christmas Crates (although they were were all in the crates already, the probability of winning may be lowered when the status of the ship becomes out-of-print).

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The rules for this year are the same as for 2019, except that the detailed rules have been placed in an even more obscure location and can only be read by going through an external link

so, in conclusion, what have we seen by going through the bone graveyards of mass whale beachings?

I actually don't even know anymore, on WG's end the ruleset hasn't changed all that much on paper, and while the mechanics "haven't changed" drop rates for each item that the whales have been getting this year was horrendous, might even warrant a closer look to see if they are actually

But what I do know, is that drop rates non-withstanding the way that WG has been advertising these crates haven't been honest for years and it's about damn time that people sat up and took notice on the predatory monetization and false advertisement.

Have a good Christmas ya'all, and remember to not buy crates

(anyone else morbidly curious on what kind of BS WG is gonna pull for 2021?)


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