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Guide to the halloween event

I have decided to make a little guide since i see many people play like a normal event and lose the fight. This is what i have figured out:

-Event Main Goal: Assist Transylvania on her way to the portal. Keep the wheels turning by staying in range, deflecting enemy invasions and destroying catapults.

-Star requirements: 1. Escort Transylvania 2. Transylvania has to keep moving 3. Destroy catapults (10 in total) 4. Eliminate al foes (12 in total) 5. Banish Rasputin.

You get different rewards depending on how many stars you get in a battle.

Complete all five tasks IN ONE BATTLE to adquiere the new premium Tier III British Battleship

Ship tips:

Battleship Jackal: The jackal deals massive damage against the catapults, so prioritize destroying them before anything else, otherwise they will burn the Transylvania and your ship Once the spotted catapults have been dealt with, you can assist in destroying the enemy ships. Always try to stay in the circle to keep the Transylvania on the move.

Cruiser Igor: The Igor is an excellent fire-starter ship. It deals moderate damage against catapults, so assist the battleships in their task of destroying them. Also, use your fire-starting capability to do damage against the enemy ships. Same as the jackal, try to stay always in the circle to keep the ship moving.

Destroyer Blade: The Blade's only function is ship hunting. Your guns do little to no damage against the catapults, so don't bother shooting at them, although keep an eye on them because they will shoot at you first, and you only have 6.3k-6.7k HP, depending on commander perks. You have Torpedoes that fire every 17 seconds, so that should be your priority weapon of choice. Once an enemy ship is in range start spamming your torpedoes and you should be able to kill them with ease.

General tips: Always try to have at least 2 ships or more in the circle so the Transylvania keeps moving. The ship is a healer, so if you need to repair just get in the circle.

Do not let enemy ships get in the circle, otherwise the Transylvania will stop moving and you will lose that star.

When the Rasputin spawns, along with the 2 remaining ships, target this smaller ships first, because they spawn and head directly at the circle, and that can cost you the movement star very easily.

The boss Battleship, Rasputin. As stated before. when it spawns, along with its escort, target them first, since they sail straight at the circle, while the Rasputin doesn’t; always spawning and sailing either left or right.

The Rasputin is essentially the Tier V russian battleship Izmail, so be careful with those 356mm guns. Although quite difficult , it’s not impossible to citadel the Rasputin with the Nassau(Jackal). If you are used to fighting the Izmail, you should have no problem.

Lastly, play with a division whenever possible, with each member playing one fo the different ships to fulfill the roles stated above.

Hope you find this little guide helpful. Take care, have a nice day, and good luck in your sorties.


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