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Halloween Event – Strategy.

I've finished the five star runs three times now and still go in for a daily run in each ship because I think secretly, I'm a sadist! It baffles me when there are so many people taking part in this event, that still appear clueless as to how to approach it, so this is my take.


Get in the circle, stay in the circle. HE spam every ship that comes into view. Light fires, move to the next ship, rinse, repeat. If a ship puts it's fires out, light it up again. The burning damage can make a big difference. Be wary of the turns the Transylvania makes and when to expect them. It doesn't matter if you can't get all your guns on a target because of a turn, use the guns that you can.

If there are no ships needing more fire, get AP onto the catapults, aim for the base. A BB shot may not knock it out completely, so be prepared to finish it off.

When Rasputin appears, hit the two zombie ships for fires, then light up Rasputin. Then hit whichever zombie ship target is closest until it's dead then hit the other. Try to keep the fires going but ALWAYS STAY IN THE CIRCLE!


STAY OUT OF THE CIRCLE, unless you need to pick up a quick heal at some point. At the start, push forward to the island, you can get three catapults spotted for the BB and if they know what they're doing, they'll take them out for you.

Watch for the first turn the ship makes, that will be the direction zombie ships come from. Get onto that side of the map and torp the heck out of things. Target the closest ship first. If there is more than one DD, rotate your targets so you aren't all hitting the same ship and wasting potential damage. Forget about guns on your captain build, go for torp range and reload. I have Blade at 18 second reload.

If you are going to lay smoke to cover the escorting ship and Transylvania, make sure that someone is still able to spot the zombie ships.

Just as you pass the island, two ships appear from the front, make sure that you are in a position to hit them. There are two catapults here that are difficult for the BB to hit until he is far enough forward, so zig zag and keep spamming torps!

Once the last set of zombie ships has been taken care of, get right up front. Pre-torp the area around the portal. You may not hit every shot, but the more torps that are heading that way, the more likely you are to get the 'boss fight' off to a good start. From this point, its all about staying alive and keeping them from reaching the circle.

At this point, the BB will be able to see the last ships, so if you are in a flank position to slap torps into a broadside, use your smoke to stay covered. This will reduce the amount of secondaries firing at you.

Note: One thing that I have noticed is Rasputin will often turn and ram one of his own ships. This slows those two down, so hit the ship that's still running full speed if it's on your side, or just pump torps into the ship Rasputin has hit as it's wreck will slow him down considerably and give you more of a chance to sink him quickly.

It also appears that if the last two zombie ships are dead, Rasputin will turn away as if to run. I've seen this happen a few times, but whether it's just random, or programmed I don't know.


Stay out of the circle. Save your first salvoes for the two catapults on the centre island and then the catapult on the edge of whichever direction you turn. If Trans turns right, be on the left of it as you move forwards, if Trans turns left, be on the right side of it. This way if the cruiser misses the start of a turn, you will be in the circle as it starts the turn.

Only fire AP. If you are loaded and there is a catapult in range, hit it. This reduces potential damage to Transylvania and also stops your DDs from being set on fire the whole time and having to come into the circle to heal. If a zombie ship gets close, your secondaries will help deal some extra damage and hopefully stop it reaching the circle.

Be aware that once you are past the centre island, there will be a catapult slightly to the rear on the furthest shoreline that will have to be picked off at range. If you've positioned yourself as described above, it should be easily done.

The last couple of catapults are a little harder to hit, so make sure you're up front ahead of the escort ship to finish these off right before Rasputin appears. Hopefully the DDs should be out on flank by this point and pre-torping the spawn point. If it's worked this far, then the DDs should be on flank, in smoke and you're the spotter.


As for what to do here, it always seems to turn into a free for all. As I said above, It appears that if the last two zombie ships are dead, Rasputin tries to turn and run but this isn't something I know for sure so may take a few tries to see if it's correct.

If you are up front, you can tank some of the damage from the zombie ships, so make sure you've got a heal ready for that point. The cruiser should be spamming HE and the DDs should be torping the heck out of anything they can.

The zombie ships move faster, so it Rasputin hits one, focus the one he's hit and potentially be ready to ram the other one (or Rasputin if the DD's take care of the last zombie ship). The wrecked ship will slow Rasputin and a ram will make it very easy for the remaining ships to finish off.

I've seen three different finishes on my runs, so there isn't just one way to do this. The way described above was probably the easiest way that I've seen it completed. My favourite run is in the link below.

TLDR: I suggest you go back and actually read it. There are no shortcuts in life.


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