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Helping Me be a Better WoWS Player Part 1: Aiming

Content of the article: "Helping Me be a Better WoWS Player Part 1: Aiming"

I made a rather ranty post a couple of days ago, for which I apologize. I was overly emotional, as I'd just come out of a bad streak of games. I've also been dealing with stronger emotions since I started hormone therapy a bit over a month ago, and I'm still struggling to adjust to that. Yesterday was much better in game for me.

The many posts I've made asking for advice haven't helped as much as I'd hoped, so I decided to focus on specific aspects of the game where I'm lacking. The first topic comes from a comment made in that rant thread: aiming.

My aim sucks badly. I have trouble knowing where to aim at ships that are far away, and that's the biggest issue, but I also miss fairly often at ships much closer. A few days ago, I missed a destroyer that was 2 kilometers away. In a Georgia, of all things. I aim at where I think I need to and the shot just whiffs. I don't think it's dispersion, I think I'm just not getting it or something.

It isn't from a lack of watching other people. I've watched iChaseGaming's tutorials, including the ones on aiming, and I watch Flambass and Flamu regularly. I see what they do, I just can't replicate it. They seem very confident in their predictions of where a ship is going to be when a shot lands, and their predictions are (to my eye) supernaturally accurate even when their target is maneuvering. If I believed in precognition I'd accuse them of it.

To illustrate my struggles, I'm providing two replays. The first one doesn't need to be watched in its entirety, as what I want to point out (missing a destroyer at basically point blank range) happens fairly early.

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The second one shows my frustrations over an entire game: I spend most of the game just trying to hit an Alsace, and despite pumping I don't know how many shells into it, I do minimal damage to it throughout the game. I don't have the first clue what was wrong with my aim at the Alsace, I thought I was spot on multiple times. I used the time indicator (10 second flight time I think), put it where I thought the shells would hit, missed, readjusted, missed, etc. I can't begin to fix a problem if I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, so what was I doing wrong with aiming at the thing?

Hopefully this will start to improve my abilities. I know what the second topic will be after this: I really need to learn how to use and work around torpedoes…


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