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Here’s how you fix Legendary Tier:

WG, a lot of people here are complaining that Legendary Tier vessels are OP or annoying. I beg to differ. With the possible exception of Yamato and its absurd traverse and reload, LT ships are fine. They feel like Tier 8.5, which means they'll be dominant if a player is good and hilariously weak if the player is bad. That is fine. The problem is that two major issues are making Legendaries seem far more powerful than they merit.

– They are being treated as just another tier.

– They are being incentivised for gameplay.

The first is the more critical issue. If you want something to be legendary, it by definition cannot be common. Therefore Legendary ships need to be capped at three per team and mirror-matchmade by class. This solves so many issues currently raised by the playerbase.

– Tier VII's won't feel invalidated.

– Legendary Tier won't feel like just another tier facing an entire team of just another tier.

– Legendaries won't feel absurdly broken (because under this system the VII's will always have the numerical advantage, which offsets the fact that most Legendaries are technically Tier X on PC).

Let's face it: Legendaries will only be a fun part of the game if it doesn't feel like to just quashes Tier VII by virtue of existence. If you limit their presence by hard MM caps you'll preserve the feeling that Tier VII gives you while allowing LT vessels to pose a fun and tough challenge both for other LT vessels and numerically superior Tier VII's. This brings me to the second point…

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Do NOT incentivise Legendary Tier gameplay with resources. Don't allow them to be used for extra promotion orders and don't incentivise credit grinding. Set the base costs at say, 300K credits to allow for limited returns if using boosters and premium while not making it exorbitantly expensive for default accounts.

The entire point of limiting them to caps of three in a game as I note above is to provide a unique experience that the game cannot offer elsewhere. That experience needs to be the draw to LT. This will mollify those who worry that LT ships are being handed out for free by the Bureau, because no one will grind a ship that offers no useable rewards.

This is the only real way to fix Legendary Tier. The current course seems to be set on making them just another tier. The problem is they are too powerful individually to allow matches to have a majority-Legendary population, and there is not enough diversity in available LT ships to allow for basic tier matchmaking. Shimakaze cannot be treated the same as Alaska, which cannot be treated the same as Yamato.

Ladies and gents at WG, please do the right thing here.

GhostRider1057 (On the seas: GreyGhost3-7-77)

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