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Historical Proposal: T6 Destroyer Peder Skram

Content of the article: "Historical Proposal: T6 Destroyer Peder Skram"

Hello and welcome to another one of my (long overdue) ship proposals. I'm currently stuck at home with COVID, so i don't have a ton of energy for this writeup, but I certainly have a lot of time 🙂

With that out of the way, let's get into things.

Peder Skram, c. 1969

The Peder Skram class of frigate was the largest class of ship in service for the Danish Navy from their completion in the mid 60s until their decommissioning in 1988. While originally classified as a destroyer, the class's two members were eventually rated as Frigates or Inspection Vessels – despite being larger than many WW2 destroyers. Both ships were built in Danish yards, though with technical assistance from the USN. Carrying 5"/38 turrets and 40mm/70 Bofors throughout their careers, both ships, Peder Skram and Herluf Trolle, were refit, losing their B turrets for Harpoon SSMs and adding Sea Sparrow SAMs to the rear.

In terms of gameplay, the Peder Skram would share similar gameplay to the T9 Russian DD Neustrashimy. While these ships both carry middling firepower for their tier, they both carry consumable sets that allow them to succeed in many situations, and have steller staying power.


HP: 15,700

The Peder Skram class are something of a middle ground between WW2 frigates- destroyer escort like vessels- and modern frigates, which carry displacements as low as 1500t up to ~7000t 'frigates' carrying modern guns and missile armaments.

Obviously, such a ship has no armor, and a 0% TDS in game.


Peder Skram (left) and the West German destroyer Rommel are replenished by the USS Iowa during NATO exercise "Northern Wedding '86" on September 1st, 1986.

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Peder Skram, like many other ships built with American technical assistance, carries American 5" guns. This means we know exactly what the guns on this ship are capable of.

2×2 127 mm Gun K M/60 LvSa2

Don't let the designation fool you. The trusty 5"/38 Mk. 38 carries performance equal to its performance on the T10 Gearing, with one fewer mount.

Remember, you only get 4 barrels in total. This gunpower is quite good for the tier-most ships with similar gunpower pay for it with poor firing angles-but Peder Skram only has the ~30 degree blind spot in her rear to worry about.

In combination with other factors, that blind spot could be very concerning.


2×2 533mm

533mm TP612

64 knots

18.5 km

11,800 alpha

Detect: 1.4km

Flood Chance: 179%

40s Reload


Well…. yes, but trust me, there's not a lot of reason to worry. Peder Skram's torpedoes have very long range and are fairly quick for the tier. That is about where their positives end. They are not mounted on the centerline, but on the main deck, in such a way that you have about -/+ 5 degrees to fire them facing forwards. So, you have extremely limited angles to fire 2 long range torps with okay damage and detectability. They are not weapons to be relied upon.

Also, it's a Swedish export torpedo. So expect WG to give such a torpedo meme stats.

Visible here, the side mounted torpedo launchers have no corresponding cutout section in the superstructure, meaning their firing angles are similar (but worse) to the front mounted launchers on low tier German destroyers.

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For a postwar ship, the AA being spicy is likely not a big shock. Indeed, the Peder Skram carries a fierce midrange armament of 4×1 Bofors 40mm/70 Mod 48.

Bofors L/70 guns + defensive fire create a fearsome AA aura at T10. At T6, it might even be enough to defend a ship from a carrier attack. Pity the faildivved Langley you meet.

Maneuverability Maximum Speed: * shp for 32.7 knots. While Peder Skram is not fast, it should have an engine with 2-3x more HP than normal destroyers. The ship pioneered CODOG (Combination of Diesel or Gas) engines, carrying 2 16 cylinder 2 stroke diesel engines for speeds of 15 knots or less, and 2 GG4A-3 gas turbines for higher speeds. In game, this combined propulsion should be included by giving Peder Skram's engine 2-3x more HP than standard destroyer engines, making it more difficult to knock out.

Rudder Shift: 3.8s


Length 108m

Beam 12m

Draft 4.3m

Peder Skram is a fairly big target. She's similar to Farragut in size, but with a much larger superstructure. Such is the postwar curse.

7.6km by sea
3.8km by air


Slot Consumable
Slot 1 Damage Control Party I & II
Slot 2 Smoke Generator
Slot 3 Heal (+1.5%/s, 20s)
Slot 4 Defensive Fire OR Engine Boost
Slot 5 Hydro (British)

Get out the Box O' Gimmicks. Peder Skram's strength is its versatility. You can take Engine Boost to compensate for your slow speed, or take DFAA to kick the piss out of any plane you see.

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Add more flags to the game, WG. thanks.


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