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HUGE, undocumented nerfs to CVs across the board with new patch

Content of the article: "HUGE, undocumented nerfs to CVs across the board with new patch"

I wanted to take a bit of time to write this up just so people are aware. I'm fine with CVs getting nerfs, but these went completely without being documented.

1: Squadrons now lose speed from engine boost almost instantly, and gain it much more slowly.

2: Squadrons now gain very little engine boost after depleting the gauge.

3: Attacking flights that peel off from a squadron now take full damage from surrounding AA.

What does this mean? This means that the ability to "tap" the engine boost is no longer possible (since speed is lost too quickly and engine boost regained too slowly), which effectively reduces the average flight speed of your squadrons dramatically. Furthermore, this was accompanied by a visual change that rapidly moves the camera out when you tap the boost and moves the camera back in when you release the boost, making it seem as though this was an intentional removal of a mechanic, since tapping now gives you a headache.

The biggest point is #3, though– you MUST pre-drop if you want almost any part of a squadron preserved. Otherwise, you're reduced down to a handful of planes less than halfway into the match where otherwise you'd at least get some planes back from attacking flights returning to the carrier.

These are absolutely gigantic nerfs to all CVs, and it would be nice if WG at least acknowledged them.

EDIT: I just completed a test that demonstrates how massive this 3rd point is. Some of you might remember a previous post of mine where I compared the HVAR vs. Tiny Tims change a month ago:

Read:  WG (and by extension, the mod team) don't want you to see this. Leaked ST changes to and additions to Unique Upgrades from a week or two ago

In that post, I killed a high level AI, moving/armed Montana bot a number of times with the Tiny Tims and HVAR. Here is a screenshot from the endcap of one of those games:

9 attack planes dead.

Here is a screencap from the exact same experiment, conducted today:

19 attack planes dead– I literally couldn't physically kill the Montana without resorting to using Dive Bombers. I got entirely deplaned of a type of squadron against one lone ship, attacking optimally and dodging all flak.

That's how ridiculous this change is– 10 extra planes dead per one ship.


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