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I did an excel for santa crates math for everyone interested

Content of the article: "I did an excel for santa crates math for everyone interested"

Here's the excel so you can preview and download it to match your current needs.

My reasons for doing this: Given the current santa crates, i figured there would be people looking towards this year's santa crates and i thought it would give people time to start buying ships if they intend to grab since its easier over a few months rather than all at once.

Some caveats:

  • The rates in this excel spreadsheet are still a guess, and might change to this current year and we will not know them by then. Note that any lowering of crate drop % makes buying the ships directly cheaper even more.
  • Some ships on the "unobtainable" category are obtainable by coal or FXP (Like atlanta), same goes for ships in Prem Shop (Like Georgia).
  • These are all theorical numbers and guesses from the community and by no means exact numbers, its all to luck
  • I do not condone gambling or lootboxes, i'm simply a whale beyond saving
  • This is entirely for obtaining the ships and ignores the value of other possible rewards included in the santa crates and considers them as value ZERO, so if your values are close enough, you might be better off going for crates due to added value.

Some interesting things to figure out:

  • If you dont own ANYTHING, its technically cheaper to buy the low tier ships and get the high tiers (T8+) from santa mega crates since the ships get more expensive than the respective ammount of crates needed (Theoretically) to get a ship.

  • If you dont own a single ship in the entire mega crate drop, you would need to spend approximately 3165 USD (!) to get all ships.

  • If you dont own a single ship, buying all the actual ships before going for non-buyable ones still comes at a cheaper 2893 USD (!)

  • The cheapest overall value you can get for buying everything in the crates is approx 1780 USD (!) if you buy every ship under the value of 10 santa crates directly.

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If anyone finds out anything else interesting or something off from my math, let me know


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