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I don’t know if I’m burned-out or WoWS just isn’t for me anymore

Content of the article: "I don’t know if I’m burned-out or WoWS just isn’t for me anymore"

I've been a regular player for a very long time now, but my desire to play has been diminishing considerably this past year. When I have a free time and decide to use it for gaming, all I think about is logging into WoWS, hopping on discord with friends to division and have a good time chatting with them. Our group is mostly above average/good players, so I expect we should have some fun carrying teams and have some close games.

What actually happens is: While still in the login screen, I just think about CVs dealling 25k damage in ONE drop, Venezias zooming around clapping me for 10k per salvo, stealth-radar cruisers, rocket planes that should have no business dealing considerable amounts of damage because of how braindead-easy to use they are, but still have the potential to deal 8k-10k depending on the type of rocket/tier/ship they are attacking, constant blow-out matches that are not fun for either team involved, the HE spam meta and all the rapid-firing ships in the game that you can park in a good position, leave a weight on your mouse button, go make a sandwich and come back to 100K damage, the never-ending fires everywhere and all the time.

Seriously, all the things I hate about this game pop-up in my mind in the mere seconds it takes for me to login and I just think "Thank you, but I'd rather not", and log off. With literally any other fun activity I could be doing and games I could be playing, would I really want to STILL deal with this after FIVE fucking years?

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I think WoWS just isn't what I expected anymore. I think had a different vision for the future of this game, but whatever at this point… I've been taking breaks and getting back, which keeps me interested again but the interest lasts for about a month, then I'm frustrated again. The game just doesn't have that novelty feeling it once it had in the early days. That excitement of playing an online naval combat game that you could see developing in front of your eyes and have ideas for how the future could look like.

If I could change the past, I wish I hadn't sunk so much money and time of my life I could be spending on actual fun, real-life activities with friends and family on this game, so today I wouldn't feel so attached to it and facing the dilemma of turning my back on all this sunk cost. I refuse to let it all go to waste, despite knowing that all the time and money invested won't bring me any material return, and the sentimental return (fun) I should be getting from it hasn't been positive either.

Sorry, I just had to vent.


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