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IJN Cruiser questions for the veterans

I'm trying to get better at positioning and playing IJN cruisers. Currently I'm in a T7 Myoko, and the tactics I've been using just have not been working well, and I find myself only doing sub par damage that hovers within the 24-26k range. So my questions are as follows. I plan on uploading some of my replays, so if I can get some critiques, please let me know so I can send it via PM.

  1. How do you try to maximize your DPS when you're at the bottom of the bracket.
  2. Do IJN cruisers prefer island gameplay like US cruisers (This is how I try to play them)
  3. I use almost exclusively HE against most targets when at range, and switch to AP when I encounter enemy cruisers usually. Is this a mistake? Should I use AP when enemy BB's are closer and my shots can't hit their super structure as reliably? (When a ship noses in I typically use HE against them since my AP usually won't pen even some cruisers)
  4. Is there a sweet spot where I want to be engaging in for IJN cruisers typically? Just because I CAN shoot at 15.6km doesn't mean I always should is what I've seen/read.
  5. When the majority of an enemy team pushes a flank, do you flee or try to stand and fight?
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#1 I usually try to hang back a little, let the higher tier ships "tank" for me if you will, but this often leads to me not contributing much to the fight, which of course equates to less exp and credits.#4 I have one of the hardest times with. If my team abandons the flank, we get screwed because they will eventually catch the rest of the team in a crossfire, staying and fighting however is almost certain death (Especially when I'm bottom of the bracket it seems). So what in the world do you do in this situation?

I'm really struggling, especially in games where I'm bottom of the bracket. I just got out of a game where I was only able to fire 36 rounds because the entire enemy team pushed the flank I was on. Despite trying to run away, and angling as best I could, I got over matched by what felt like absolutely everything on the enemy team (I was one of 3 T7's . Within the first 5 minutes of the match I lost over 95% of my HP despite not eating broad side while running away, trying to remain concealed (Enemy CV didn't really bother me much, but a DD kept me spotted for a while which contributed to eating constant fire as I fled, my entire team evaporated on that flank). I'm at a complete loss as to what I can do to improve and help my team when I can what feels like be instantly be deleted by 2-3 salvos from top tier cruisers within this bracket.

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I know I'm making mistakes, but I'm not entirely sure what all of them are.


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