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I’m uninstalling the game because of the players

Content of the article: "I’m uninstalling the game because of the players"

I've just had a sequence of 12 matches in which I did 100K+ damage and destroyed at least one ship (2 or 3 in most) in each of them. And I've lost every single one of those matches.

Every single match now follows a pattern of people abandoning flanks and BB's sitting a the edge of the map. No one will ever try to cap, or God-forbid, defend a cap.

I fire at ships who are killing my allies to save them. I try to flank and hold flanks to give my team maneuvering space. I try to push and cap. I fire at ships to prevents them from stealing our flags. I constantly switch ammunition to suit the target. I keep situational awareness in order to never expose my weak spots to anyone and to force enemies to give me broadside when they're maneuvering.

But none of that will ever matter.

Because no BB will ever support a push, specially KM BB's which are specifically made for pushing and brawling. Because BB's keep shooting HE against broadside BB's and cruisers. Because BB's won't shoot a destroyer 6km away from them because all they can see is that fat battleship health pool. Because cruisers keep sailing broadside to everyone and getting deleted within the first 4 mins. Because cruisers won't shoot AP at each other, for anything. Because destroyers either sit in the back doing nothing or yolo into caps and die.

Because no one is capable of mentally tracking more than one enemy at a time and always expose themselves. Because no one will ever defend a flag. Because all people want to do is sit back and collect damage (something the can't even do because they can't aim for sh*t and don't know what ammo to use), many times in a godamn Gneisenau or GroBer Kurfurst.

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It's downright demoralizing being the only one even thinking about how to win the match. The last straw for me was seeing my score with 160K damage, 3 kills, 9 fires and 22 (TWENTY TWO) "Defended" flags, and yet I lost because while I was the only one defending flags and killing enemies, alone because they abandoned me, what was left of my team (2 Kurfurst, 1 Monarch, 1 Bismarck) got obliterated by a single Conqueror and an Alaska. The Yamato, Hipper and the 2 destroyers had already died in the first 3 minutes.

I'm sorry for the long rant.


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