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In depth analysis of the skill rework for DDs

After these last weeks I got to test some DD skills since I have all tech tree DDs researched.

If you don't want to read all that here I made a chart with the recommended skills and whatnot to save you time.

Here you can find it

Do note this is my personal take on the skills, I do encourage all discussion regarding these as I like to know the input of this community.

This is mostly for high tier DDs, counting from T7 and onward unless specified. With around 70 DDs you can use this as a metric on how much DDs will use these skills.


Skill: Name of the skill

Desc: What it does

Aprox no of ships benefited: Number of high tier ships (T7 onward as before T7 it's very likely you don't have a captain with more than 10 pts)

Best winners: The ships most benefited (or only in some cases) from using this skill

Recommended: How much I recommend investing into this skill for a build

Note: My notes on the skills, again very subjective and based on my experience as a 58% WR DD

Tier 1 Skills

Skill: Grease the Gears

Desc: +15% main battery turrets traverse speed.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 12/70 <17%> (Counting T7 and above, more than 24 from T5 and below)

Best winners: Mid-tier Russian DDs, high tier french DDs

Recommended: 3/5 french DDs

Note: Not a bad skill and its unchanged but so little DDs benefit from this that it is mostly a dump for leftover points

Skill: Liquidator

Desc: +30% chance (multiplicative) of causing flooding

Aprox no of ships benefited: 12?/70 <17%>

Best winners: EU DDs, Kamikaze, Benham, Z-44

Recommended: 3/5?

Note: Same principle as above, not a bad skill considering the cost, however it only works if your torpedo dpm is fast enough.

Skill: Consumables Specialist

Desc:-10% cooldown time of:

Catapult Fighter

Spotting Aircraft

Main Battery Reload Booster

Torpedo Reload Booster

Defensive AA Fire.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 12/70 <17%>

Best winners: Pan EU DDs, french DDs

Recommended: 2/5

Note: A very niche skill which allows you to have your special consumables ready on demand, however the increase is so little that it's time you spend the extra time actually getting into position for using the consumables

Skill: Gun Feeder

Desc: -50% to reload time when the shell type is switched.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 2/70 <2%>

Best winners: Paolo Emilio and UU Kléber with the notable case of Okhotnik at low tier

Recommended: never on any DD, 5/5 on these DDs

Note: Why keep this skill in the DD tree if any DD barely uses it? DDs fire rate is so good that you can fire the salvo and then switch. DDs with large reloads that were not mentioned do not benefit from it because they will be firing mostly HE anyway (IJN torp DDs)

Skill: Incoming Fire Alert

Desc: Receive a warning of a salvo fired at your ship from a distance of more than 4.5 km.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 0/70 <0%>

Best winners: USSR DDs, french DDs

Recommended: 0/5

Note: Actually this skill is pretty useless, you are already on the move when spotted and any decent DD player knows you have to be evasive already, not wait for an alert to "dodge". Plus the UI gets really annoying every second with an "ALERT" rendering it useless

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Skill: Preventive Maintenance

Desc: -30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 70/70 <100%>

Best winners: Every single DD

Recommended: 5/5

Note: The only legit good skill, it monopolizes 1 point skill and is a must take. -30% of your engine and rudder going out, -30% of your gun and torps being disabled. It's always good.

Tier 2 Skills

Skill: Pyrotechnician

Desc: +1% chance of main and secondary HE shells causing a fire.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 12 <17%>

Best winners: French DDs, USSR DDs, IJN gunbotes

Recommended: 3/5

Note: Pretty decent skill, a must have for IJN DDs to offset the IFHE penalty, good the cost was reduced but so the bonus so it's questionable if you have better skills to invest into

Skill: Swift Fish

Desc: +5% torpedo speed.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 8/70 <11%>

Best winners: EU DDs, Pan Asia torps, Asashio

Recommended: 1/5

Note: This skill is complicated and worse than I thought. Basically no ship can achieve the old extra 5kts in any way possible. Plus this skill gets worse the slower your torps are and if we directly want to just check how much it reduces reaction time on Halland (fastest torps in game) it barely gives an extra 0.4s reduced on the reaction time. On Yueyang only 0.2s. Even with the upgrade you are looking at a max of 0.8s less reaction time and only on faster torps, on average you can just barely shave 0.5s. If you want percentages it's a bit more than -15% reaction time. It sounds good on paper but remember this is for already fast or stealthy torps only.

Skill: Consumables Enhancements

Desc: Longer action time of certain consumables.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 20 <28%>

Best winners: UK DDs, radar DDs, french DDs

Recommended: 4/5

Note: A very good skill to spend leftover points if you manage to still have some. Must have on radar DDs, it boosts the duration to almost 30s with the upgrade

Skill: Extra-Heavy AP Shells

Desc: +5% main battery AP shell damage.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 16 <28%>

Best winners: German DDs, maybe french DDs?

Recommended: 3/5

Note: Anther good skill for gunbotes though you might wanna think of using them on only cruiser fights, most DDs don't benefit much from this skill. Niche UK and IJN gunbotes will MELT other DDs though, but gimmicky. Maybe for leftover points.

Skill: Priority Target Desc: The detection indicator will show the number of enemies targeting you with main battery.

Aprox no of ships benefited: ?/70

Best winners: ?

Recommended: uhhh

Note: I don't wanna be controversial and I must say I NEVER used this skill on DDs, but I understand a lot of people use it so I'm not going to say anything other than the fact, it sucks it even on DDs costs 2 points. Turns a lot of 19pt captains into 21 for no reason.

Skill: Last Stand

Desc: As of Update 0.10.0, all ships retain 20% propulsion and 0% steering when the modules are incapacitated. Ships with Last Stand retain 50% of each.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 70/70 <100%>

Best winners: All DDs

Recommended: 5/5

Note: Another monopolized skill. It outclasses every other skill I mentioned and even if now all ships retain 20% of their engine power on DDs this still hurts them. 36kts become 8kts max speed, with LS you get 18kts it makes a huge difference and even with LS you can pop up smoke and not drift out of it. It is still too good specially in a class with low survability as DDs. Also imagine having 10s of rudder on a DD, ouch.

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Tier 3 Skills

Skill: Main Battery and AA Specialist

Desc: -5% main battery reload time.

+10% continuous AA damage.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 20/70 <28%>

Best winners: French DDs, USSR DDs, EU gunbotes

Recommended: 3/5

Note: While a good skill no matter how much it got nerfed, you can get a better increase from AR. Still a must pick for gunbote builds even if the increase is half from another skill at 4pts. Very good on EU gunbote builds as it also boosts AA.

Skill: Fill the Tubes

Desc: -10% torpedo tubes reload time.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 17 <24%>

Best winners: IJN torp line, Benham, Somers

Recommended: 5/5

Note: The same one we know and love, not changed unlike BFT. Always a good pick on torpbotes

Skill: Adrenaline Rush

Desc: For each 1% HP lost:

-0.2% reload time of all armaments

+0.2% AA continuous damage

Aprox no of ships benefited: 70/70 <100%>

Best winners: Every DD though gunbotes a bit more

Recommended: 4/5

Note: The only reason that it isn't 5/5 is that on some specialized builds for utility you might won't get a big benefit from it as you won't be taking damage. Another monopolized skill that only increased the cost of most builds and by far the dumbest decision in this rework. Since DDs are still point hungry the only reason it is not recommended is just to wait till you get 21 points.

Skill: Inertia Fuse for HE Shells

Desc:+25% armor penetration of HE shells.

Base fire chance reduced by half.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 4/70 <5%>

Best winners: IJN gunbote line

Recommended: 5/5 on those ships 0/5 on everything else

Note: Left it only for those DDs nuff said. You can try and pick it up for other DDs but you won't pen any BBs with it, it's mostly for increased damage against cruisers. Not recommended, specially you HURT your damage output against BBs and the ocasional fire on DDs

Skill: Superintendent

Desc: +1 charge to all consumables mounted on a ship.

Aprox no of ships benefited: ?/70

Best winners: DDs with heal

Recommended: 5/5 on DDs with heal on everything else it depends

Note: It really depends on the DD you are playing and your own playstyle, on some it helps on some its a choice. It's unchanged so nothing different from before the rework

Skill: Survivability Expert

Desc: +350 ship HP for each ship tier.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 70/70

Best winners: All DDs

Recommended: 5/5

Note: Monopolized skill before then and now. It's almost 10% or more of HP for your DD it really makes a difference in surviving. Must take on every build.

Tier 4 Skills

Skill: Main Battery and AA Expert

Desc: 20% main battery range.

+15% flak damage.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 20/70 <28%>

Best winners: Gunbotes

Recommended: 5/5 on gunbotes, 0/5 on anything else

Note: Another niche skill but useful with the right build. Unchanged from before the rework.

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Skill: Swift in Silence

Desc: +5% main battery reload time.

while undetected

+8% ship speed while activated.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 17/70 <24%>

Best winners: Torpedobotes

Recommended: 4/5

Note: It further emphatizes the role of torpedobotes. Broken at times but it offsets it by increasing the reload, wonder why a similar skill on BBs does not have such a drawback. Can also be good when you can negate the reload (with BFT maybe) making it good for relocating.

Skill: Radio Location

Desc: you know it

Aprox no of ships benefited: 21/70 <30%>

Best winners: Maybe hunter DDs and torpedobotes

Recommended: 2/5

Note: Another skill that is very dependant on the playstyle. It's good overall for hunting DDs and average on torpedo DDs

Skill: Fearless Brawler

Desc: +1 flak burst per salvo.

+5% detectability range of the ship.

When activated:

-10% main battery reload time.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 20/70

Best winners: Gunbotes

Recommended: 2/5

Note: It's a skill meant for farming and not actually brawling or contesting unless you can pull off a Kléber consistently not really recommended for actually winning games. Also pick this if you hate CVs.

Skill: Concealment Expert

Desc: -10% detectability range of the ship.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 60/70

Best winners: Any DD except USSR gunbotes

Recommended: 5/5

Note: Monopolized skill and still very strong on any DD build that isn't meant for farming. Must pick on any DD (unless you are running a farming build)

Skill: Dazzle

Desc: When activated:

+20% dispersion of enemy shells fired at your ship for 15 seconds.

Aprox no of ships benefited: 21/70 <30%>

Best winners: Hunting DDs and torpedobotes? maybe?

Recommended: 1/5

Note: Not recommended for gunboats at all. For ambushing DDs and torpedobotes maybe, it's enough time to get away from a radar if well positioned, however a good DD will avoid those situations already plus it's too expensive to compete with other good skills for torpedobotes. We saw LWM chart and this is mainly for supporting fire, too expensive for 4pts still.

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