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Iowa review

Content of the article: "Iowa review"

The following review is the review of tier 9 USN battleship Iowa.


High speed

Very powerful and reliable guns

Powerful AA

Tanky when angled

Not as affected when bottom-tier


Floaty shell arcs and slow shell speeds make it tricky to lead at range

Poor side armor

Bad maneuverability

Vulnerable to HE spam and Yamato sisters

Not a beginner-friendly ship

So, what do we have here, a tier 9 American burger.


Iowa has x9 406 mm guns. x20 127 DP guns, and powerful AA

Let's start with her guns. For a 406 mm gun, it's very powerful. She has one of the hardest-hitting guns at tier 9, which is still powerful even at tier 10.


Her shells have floaty arcs and poor ballistics. This doesn't really do any big problems to her penetration, but that means that it can troll your lead at times, also you need more lead.

Now her DP pew pews.

These aren't really anything more special to her PC counterpart, but she can do more damage with those, because shatters still do damage apparently. They could also set a decent amount of fires. Their range is short though, but it's a good addition to Iowa's inventory.

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Her AA is powerful too.

But unlike North Carolina, you won't be shooting down entire squadrons anymore, but you could still shoot down many of them. Grab a teammate, and enjoy swatting down those pesky flies.


Iowa is not very durable.

For a fast battleship, she has many armor, but if you compare it to other battleships, Iowa is basically no-where near those things. She has good DoT resistance though, but her torp reduction is very very bad. Use your speed to get out from sticky situations.


Iowa turns like a brick.

If caught in a bad situation, expect to take a lot of damage. You can't turn out very quickly.


Iowa has good concealment.

But I don't recommend speccing her for concealment, instead, go for the agility ones. That is my equipment at least.

In summary

We have this good battleship that punishes mistakes and rewards good play.

For Random battle grinding:

Yep she's good here

For Competitive gaming:

I don't know, I haven't used her yet in those game modes.

For collectors:

Oh yeah, definitely. It's the Iowa class battleships.

For Fun Factor:

She's good, but get a Musashi instead. Overpowered lol.


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