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Let’s have a conversation about what the next legendary ship could be…

DISCLAIMER I do not work for wargaming nor have I hacked them and learned everything before hand what your going to read is speculations. Why speculate when you can wait and be surprised rather than getting your guess right? Cause I get enjoyment either way and I’m sure there are other who are like. Who like predicting and speculating about the next cool thing we can experience in the game. Carriers, without a doubt, will fill this appetite I have for such things. And when we start to talk about new things in legends some of the things you’ll being brought up is variety. More particularly in legendary tier/ bureau projects…

So let’s talk about the bureau first. Well actually Yamato. Yamato was the springboard for what we have at the tier right now. 5 months after Yamato was tested we finally got the bureau added to the game. 5 months after the bureau came into legends we got two more legendary tier projects added. The Khabarovsk and Shimakaze. Now we don’t really know how these ships will affect the tier. Well basically because there aren’t very many out there right now. But we can only assume it will make things difficult for the Goliaths at the tier right now. This brings me to my next point. How do we balance out what was just added?

Well you get feedback of course but moreover from a players perspective. It won’t be long before we start seeing the amount of people complaining on this feed about how the tier is unbalanced because there’s nothing to handle the destroyers. Alaska helps a little bit… but the only thing it brings to the table is radar for friendly ships to take advantage of. Other than that I view Alaska as nothing more as good support ship that is good at playing objectives. So your probably coming to the same consensus I did. If it takes two months for a “good” player to unlock these ships how long will the tier be suffering before she’s relieved by cruisers?

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Who knows. But here’s some food for thought. Remember how I said the bureau projects came out after 5 months? Well I personally believe we will get them faster. Wargaming has there ways of hooking people into playing more. Firstly it’s content. And secondly it’s the type of content. You have to have marketing strategies and such so I came up with what I would do if I was wargaming. Please understand this could all be wrong. Remember this post is pure speculation.

If I was wargaming I would release content that will rock the community constantly. As of right now they have the ability to do that pretty much every update for years (I’m not wrong look at all the ships on pc) What do I mean by rock community. Well spark some massive conversation and hype. You see they did that to us with the legendary rentals. Now they got us speeeeeeeeecuuuuuuuuulatingggggg. What. Else. Could. They. Add.?!?!?

You get the idea now they got people like me posting this post on Reddit talking about and got you to read it cause you’re interested in the topic too.


Finally bread and butter. Jesus this guy.

So what could they add well picture this right. Alaska, it’s a tier 9 on pc. Siegfried our next campaign ship? Is also a tier 9 on pc so we know hands down every tier 10 is a contender for the bureau. But what’s the criteria for the tier 9 ships. Cause as of right now we know they will either be a tier 7 or legendary tier cause evidently Alaska fits the criteria. I think we just have to guess. So because it’s harder to speculate on the tier 9 ships I won’t touch on those cause they are a delicate topic considering they could be tier 7 or legendary.

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Conquerer won’t be the next battleship?!? I could be wrong but that’s my guess. I know I might get heat for saying that. But I’ll tell you my reasoning. Since tech tree line ships speed up the rate of research for the bureau we can only assume that they may or may not wait for a decent population to “own” the new British ship line before releasing a legendary ship that requires those new line of tech ships when they just came out. (That’s the point I want to see the most comments on btw.) but once again could be entirely wrong this all for fun. What will the next battleship be then? Any of them at this point kremlin, republiqúe, Montana you name it. But um, I don’t know how to put it lightly to a minor population. I might be Montana 🙁 (Little joke for your American bb haters I secretly despise you so much that I made my William sims 16 legendary 4. yeah how does it feel to know I wasted 15 commendations just to get 1% more range on reaching out xxl)

So cruisers. Probably what everyone has been dying to read about so far on this post. Personally I think Worcester or Hindenburg would be very viable options but since we need to give every nation a legendary bureau project I could easily see Venezia or henri IV Both of which would be very excellent additions to the game indeed.

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I require peoples inputs to further enjoy my own self interests so please comment below your thoughts.

Personally I think wargaming should LITERALLY say **** IT!!! TAKE 20 legendary ships at once you fat whale doubloon spending god account. That way ship spam would be non existent at the tier people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves there would be so many ships.


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