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London ship review

With the dockyard rotations happening, I thought I'd go back and look at london, which will probably be in the dockyard soon.


In terms if survivability, london has the exact same stats as Pensacola, so that's not too good for her. You have fairly decent health, but this is completely negated by the fact you have no armour and are easy to citadel, making you a massive damage sponge.

score: 4/10


You sacrificed all that armour so you must be pretty agile right! No, not really. You turn like a brick and have slow acceleration. On the bright side you do have a high top speed, which is a saving grace I guess.

score: 3/10

main battery

london has some decent guns. They have a long reload, but deal considerable damage, are consistent and have both AP and HE unlike the CLs, allowing you to fight all ship types. They also turn fairly quickly and are difficult to break.

score: 7/10


London has 2×4 british torps, with single fire function. These are good for getting solid hits on an enemy BB, but their standard spread is huge so you're probably not hitting anything smaller with either.

score: 7/10


I'll put it simply, her AA is fantastic. I've been solo-bombed by T7 carriers multiple times and I typically come away with 4-5 planes depending on the CV. Shes one of the ships I tend to avoid when I play CV for a reason

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Score: 8/10


London has an 8km concealment, which is pretty sneaky. Shes also a T6, which means concealment mod can be slotted in her third slot. In all, I've managed to get her down to around 7km concealment, making her able to outspot almost all cruisers at her tier.

score: 9/10


London has access to 2× smoke generator 1 and 3× precise aiming 1

Smoke generator: due to your weak armour and slow reload, this will probably be used defensively. It can also be used to cover for an ally moving into the cap, but I wouldnt reccomend it. Your smoke doesnt last long enough to provide reliable cover and if a ship Is pushing in it probably already has it's own smoke screen

Precise aiming: this is overkill. Your guns are already incredibly accurate, but I guess this is good for garunteeing hits on a bow tanking BB or an evasive DD

Score: 6/10


I have no idea how to play london, and I dont particularly like it myself. She doesnt have the HE chance, fire rate and evasiveness of a CL, but she doesnt have the armour, and raw damage of a CA. Personally I've found some success playing her as an escort cruiser, sticking to the side of a BB, chipping in for damage where I can, providing AA support and generally providing the support role. Even then though she hasnt felt particularly enjoyable.

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As stated before I have no idea what I'm doing so I probably missed some 400 IQ playstyle or feature somewhere. Shes pretty difficult though, with her lack of manuverability and armour making her an easy target.

Score: 8/10

overall score: 6/10


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