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‘Looking For Division’ – My Thoughts

Hey All, very rarely post on here, but I really felt like I needed to share this so here goes.

I've mainly been a solo player since I started playing, occasionally playing with friends/family every now and again. Unfortunately, they rarely play anymore so I'm left to play by myself, which doesn't bother me in the slightest if I'm honest.

However, due to a seemingly perpetual amount of non-teamwork occurring in the average, I decided that I'd finally try out the 'Looking for Division' function. Until today I had never used it for my own reasons, however I was willing to give it a shot. (I can safely say it will be the first and last time I ever use it.)

I was henceforth invited to a multiple divisions across all of which no communication ensued between any of us, making it feel like I was still playing solo and completely defeating the purpose of being in a division. However, I was eventually invited to a division where it was clear the other 2 division mates, who will obviously remain unnamed, were communicating in a party, but had not thought to have invited me to it. Although this was annoying, I could bare it as it was seemingly the norm amongst 'random' divisions.

We proceeded to play the match as you do, the other 2 in the division not even using the communication wheel to communicate despite my multitude of attempts. Skip forward a few minutes and our team is in a bad position, due to everyone on the team and although I hate to admit it, myself and my division mates included. Division Mate 1 proceeded to die fairly early into the game, after which he decided he would start tutoring me on how to play the game via message. I of course read his messages, telling me to 'retreat as there was too many ships' (For context I was completely surrounded by half the enemy team in B on Fault Line as the Graf Spee with no hope of retreat (I should've fallen back long ago but hey, we all have our potato moments). This was fair enough advice, albeit I already knew what I had to attempt to do however futile. I was precedingly deleted by a Lyon.

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After putting up quite a poor performance himself (as did I), he proceeded to message me that, and I quote 'I guess you're just not that good, get better. I'll find another (Meaning division mate). Maybe this line doesn't sound so bad, but in the moment it made me really infuriated (Yes, I did refrain from messaging things I can't take back), not to mention how condescending it is. I was therefore promptly kicked from the division, that being the end of the story. I honestly wasn't surprised something like this happened and can imagine stuff like this is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to messages others have received out there.

I guess my main point that I'm trying to get across here is that if you are entertaining the idea of using this function, I would recommend not to bother and continue to play by yourself or people you know and enjoy playing with. Obviously I'm not generalising my opinion to every single player who uses this function to invite others to divisions (I believe I can safely assume not everyone is like this, and people have probably made friends resulting in good and fun games through this), and you don't have to follow my suggestion, although I have my own negative opinion about LfD, I am not trying to give people a false impression of what their experience could be like by using it . However I can tell you, it just takes one condescending and unnecessary comment to make someone feel like trash, experienced by Yours Truly.

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Hope this didn't come out too convoluted or paragraphed poorly, etc., and sorry for the long post but I really needed to get this out, literally feels like a massive weight is off my chest.

Thanks if you read.


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