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Looking for general feeling on the just finished T6 season of Clan Battles.

Content of the article: "Looking for general feeling on the just finished T6 season of Clan Battles."

So now that the season has finished I am just trying to get a gauge for how the various Clan Battle players around here felt about it ?

In terms of game play I thought the season was okay as it had a few viable lineups, ie Spee heavy (4+), smoke heavy (huanghe) or DD heavy (Aigle) which all did reasonably well although pretty much all with a CV as it didn't seem like BB's for the majority of Clans that we saw could take you to Typhoon. The caps being very close together created a lot of counter pushing so you could have 3 caps and only 1min later you could have none which could be fun at times.

The amount of Graf Spee's was also completely predictable as they are T6's version of a Super Cruiser and while the shells could be inconsistent they had great sustain and good alpha when they connected well. As for other CA's the only other top pick was the Pensacola, literally only the Pensacola I think I saw 2 Aoba's all season. The CL's were more varied with all the smoke CL's active as well as a sprinkling of French De Grasse/Le Glassionaire.

The CV options ended up being rather stale though since the Ryuju was the top pick with it's good torps + AP bombs which were especially needed to negate the Spee's heals.

As for DD's by the end the most popular picks seemed to be the Fushun & Icarus due to quick smoke reloads with all the other DD's especially the IJN's scarce on the ground.

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As far as the season actually starting I still feel that it got introduced too soon after the previous season of having T10 CV's as well as going on for too long and as a result I was definitely feeling burned out towards the end of the season, especially since we had another full season of ranked + the ranked sprint as well.

Overall it wasn't a bad season as I enjoyed most of the game play and since it was T6 more players in our Clan felt comfortable at the tier so we had more players actually participating, also worth noting was that since it was a lower tier we also felt less stress over playing/winning so we were just there for fun. With the negatives mostly being around how they introduced the season, the other competitive events while the season was going on and the length of it.


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