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Marco Polo: The screenshot girls review

So I dumped my coal into Marco today as im a huge fan of the Italian cruisers and the bb line is okay to me so far. I played 20 games and sadly had a 3-17 record but I’ve noticed I have no problem getting 100k+ dmg with multiple kills. Im about an average or so player like many people.

Marco for those who dont know is a T9 IT bb with 3×3 406mm guns with 1.7 sigma so .2 better than Lepanto. The SAP really hurts on Marco and I can say its far more rewarding to use SAP vs AP unlike in Lepanto. Still lacks damage vs dd’s though but i was very reliably striking bb’s for 10k+ almost every salvo. Cruisers can eat upwards of 20k on a decent shot. The accuracy is about Roma levels or so.

Marco does not get the exhaust smoke however and only gets spotter or fighter, I recommend spotter. The gun ballistics are standard Italian but shells are Roma fast but since you use SAP its actually an advantage. I find SAP more reliable as you can’t rely on your AP landing cits but the SAP can hit multiple areas of a ship for very high damage.

Very poor AA range and poor AA defense in general so cv’s will eat you. Armor is weaker than what you would expect for an Italian bb and it sits very high in the water, your broadside WILL be citadeled at mid range, plunging fire also hurts. You do however get a turtleback. Marco has a small weak strip of armor along her main belt that seems like a weakness but it leads into the turtleback, nonetheless you will eat heavy pen damage if you flash your broadside.

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Concealment is good and it is a fast ship of 32kts without flag, also rather maneuverable but your turret traverse is meh.

All in all I do believe Marco is worth it but only if you enjoy sniping to mid range engagements. She is better than Lepanto but not necessarily a great ship. I would say she is balanced. Her lack of utility is the biggest issue as her only purpose is to deal large chunks of damage but she is good at that. Out of what we currently have in the armory I believe her along with Yoshino are the top picks. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask .



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