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Mod Talk: We Want to Pick The Sub’s Collective Brain

Content of the article: "Mod Talk: We Want to Pick The Sub’s Collective Brain"

Good evening everyone. As per the usual, I'm writing up a post after no one has heard from me for a while.

After our disastrous effort to change some of the sub's rules a few months ago, we have been kind of letting the sub go and only inserting ourselves where we really deem it necessary. As such, we want to take a different approach to any kind of change we plan for the sub. The easiest way to do that is to create a survey, have You, the community, help us determine what kind of issues need to be addressed.

Now, before I go into the actual survey I want to be very clear, as of right now, we aren't proposing any changes to the rules or anything like that. However, we feel the need to reach out and ask the community their thoughts on some of them because we're seeing more reports than ever. The reports range from the scorecard rule to spam, to just toxic comments and arguments between users. Therefore, we want to see everyone's views on the current rules, good and bad. Hopefully, from the responses, we can manage to work out something that might work for everyone.

The survey itself is pretty simple. It will ask you to essentially "rate" each of the current rules on how well they are implemented. In addition, there is a section for write-ins on anything that you may believe should be part of any rule change or addition/subtraction of a rule. A third question will just be if you have any personal feelings that you have for the sub, we appreciate any feedback, good and bad. Finally, we were contacted by the admins about enabling a chat for the subreddit, so we would like anyone's opinions on that. As of right now, the mod team doesn't see a use for it but we'd like everyone's opinions.

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Link to the Survey!

The mod team would appreciate any responses to the survey and any questions that you can provide for us.

I'll also be sticking around tonight, tomorrow, and the first half of the day on Monday to answer anything I can if there are any questions or comments in this thread.

TL:DR: We're not changing anything, just complete the survey to help us out


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