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Motivational Monday #2

Content of the article: "Motivational Monday #2"

Hi Captains,

What a week right, been playing ships and ranked and wow now that is a mode that can give you grey hairs and just scream at the tv.

One game I will not forget was the one were we had one cap (Map is STRAIT) and the dd rushes past the middle cap (so close but not touching the cap that is the enemy cap middle cap) to go and torp a cruiser that is making its way to their spawn cap…..I was like, wait hang on look at this guy WTF is he doing? He will die to that cruiser heed my words, and yes he never smoked up shot some torps at massive distance and then started to shoot at the cruiser while standing still. He died in 2 salvo's from the cruiser. That is just one of the games that was so like what are people thinking games, but there was much much more.

Look it was not easy day unlike normally, maybe my game play was a bit off or RNG was just not with me but I would win one and the lose one then win two and lose two. In the end I made 1 star improvement over the last day's play. Its not something I am used to, to go up and down like this and make proper ground towards my end goal. But when I look back at the games and why they were lost I can say with pride I did my job and even more to try and win. The other team was just better coordinated when shooting at targets.

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In these cases I say what I always say when you look back at the end game stats, you can see if you did your part.

So if you have been having a hard time reaching your goals IRL dont give up its not worth throwing in the towel and giving up. Not all days are like end game results were you can see that you did your part and perhaps it was just RNG playing tricks on you. Being active in your goals will help you achieve them unlike if you leave it to RNG. Nothing you do in life comes for free you need to sacrifice time and effort to make it come true. In the end you should be able to look back and be happy with your accomplishments and the journey it took you to get there.

Now I must go and mow the lawn as I have been playing ships too much, looking out the door makes me feel like I am in the jungle. LOL

Stay strong Captains and never give up!RoguePLC out


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