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Mutsu ship review

With the golden week event mutsu is up for grabs, so I'll review her this week and kamikaze next week

In addition, my cousin lent me the keys to his account (pictured here in his natural habitat) giving me access to pretty much any premium. With that said, I'll probably stick to the ones I feel more comfortable with so nothing too off the wall and probably staying <T7 for now.


Mutsu is fairly tanky, with average HP (43.5K) and high torpedo resistance (18%) but traditional Japanese origami armour thats easy to penetrate making her a good target for cruisers to load AP on and get easy citadels.

score: 6/10


Mutsu has a good top speed (24.8kts) and acceleration (24s) but has bad traverse speed (5°/s) and a rudder that Tokyo drifts every corner it takes (13.5s) making her a bad knife fighter, but a decent brawler just at the edge of her secondary range

Score: 4/10

main battery

these are exactly what you'd expect to see from IJN guns, with great damage (1150/1817), accuracy and range (13.5km) but a long reload (21s) and slow traverse speed (5°/s) making her great at long range engagements against slow targets like BBs Where she doesn't have to move her guns much

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score: 7/10

secondary battery

Mutsu's secondaries have a long range (6km) and high fire chance (4%), but a long reload (7.5s) and deal low damage (391) making them good against suicide charge DDs and CLs but if something larger is bearing down on you, you're probably way out of position.

score: 4/5


Mutsu's big gimmick are her torpedos, and honestly they're just that. A gimmick. They have every IJN flavour possible, such as high damage (3.2K), good speed (63kts) and long range (7.5km), but also having bad torpedo angles (think aoba), long reload time (27s) and a tendency to be the first module to get knocked out. In addition, I never wanted to be in a position where I could use them aggressively since that meant exposing my full broadside to the red team

Score: 3/10


Its IJN AA. Youll probably shoot down 1-2 planes each match. Your saving grace is that the enemy has to send planes over the rest of your team to get to you but if that isn't the case you're absolutely an easy target, with a large Hull, bad rudder and minimal AA

score: 2/10


Mutsu has concealment which is visible from the moon (11.6km), so hiding from the enemy is impossible

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Score: 3/10

Utility: mutsu has 2 charges of precise aiming 1, which helps with those precision shots but isn't really that useful but can give you 1-2 boosted shots

score: 4/10


Mutsu plays exactly like her sister, nagato. The only difference being those torpedo tubes and 2 extra secondaries on each side. If you enjoy nagato, this is just the EX version.

Play at long range, and aim for BBs, then use your secondaries and torpedos to absolutely decimate destroyers that try to bumrush you. As much as I've knocked her down, mutsu is legitimately fun to play and racks up large damage numbers quickly.

overall score: 6/10


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