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My experience after 122 battles in submarines

I have played all classes, 18% destroyers, 24% cruisers, 30% aircraft carriers (mostly before re-work), 26% battleships, 2% submarines. I'm a carrier main before re-work and battleship main after re-work.

After playing 122 battles in subs (including 54 in U-2501 and 49 in Balao), I find them to be severely underpowered compared to other classes. My stats in solo random queue for tier X in each class:

Audacious (my only carrier after re-work): 62% WR, 104k damage

Yamato: 54% WR, 99k damage

Minotaur: 55% WR, 78k damage

Z-52: 63% WR, 56k damage

In comparison, for tier X submarine, I have lower win rate and lower damage:

U-2501: 52% WR, 57k damage

Balao: 53% WR, 55k damage

Yes, I have devastating strike against many ships with my submarines, but honestly I would have done better if I was in any other ship. In one particular case I chased a Kremlin from mid to the corner of the map, scored over 100k damage against him and eventually killed him after over 10 minutes. He was very mad about it in chat. But honestly I would have killed him 5 minutes faster in any other ship class, and without throwing away my ship positioning to the map corner so I become irrelevant for the rest of the game.

I have had 195k damage game, 185k damage game, etc in my submarines, but those are just as common as the ones where I get one-shot before I could do any damage. I think the average damage number reflects that. So when you see these amazing 200k damage 6kill games on youtube/twitch, just remember that's not reflective of how well you will do if you were to play the submarine yourself.


Some thoughts on playing submarines:

1) Don't bother shooting at battleships unless they are the only target available. It's easier for homing torpedoes to hit cruisers and destroyers than battleships. And without double ping you will do very little damage against a BB, unless you send torps in split waves for the flooding, which only works if you are certain you won't get detected.

2) You can play the entire game without being detected if you want, especially in the U-2501. But you have more fun if you just charge destroyer smokes, surface 3km in front of cruisers, etc. Safety vs damage.

3) Submarines become massively overpowered if you are in a division. CV + 2 Sub division is basically god-mode. You are invincible and you can kill everything in front of you. There needs to be a limit of 1 sub per game max, otherwise double sub divisions will ruin the game for everyone.


Some thoughts on playing against submarines:

1) If you are in a battleship, just turn. There is a bug with the torpedo aiming indicator where if the sub doesn't ping you and just launch straight running torps, then his torps doesn't run along the indicator line he launched at. So he has to ping you after he launched. So you will have ample warning. So just turn away, and nothing will hit you.

2) If you are in a cruiser or destroyer, then it's the same concept as playing against missiles in DCS but in slow motion. After being pinged, max speed turn away from the ping direction, turn the entire semi circle so you are now facing the opposite way to your original direction. Now all of the torps are in a straight line trailing behind you, so you can DCP to clear the ping. Don't make random movements, don't panic and shake around, don't charge at the torps like Tom Hanks. Just calmly and smoothly make a semi circle then clear the ping. It's the same as going cold with a split s in DCS.

3) If you are facing a double sub division or double subs + CV division, then honestly, uninstall the game and tell WG to fix this BS.


Overall, Submarines are underpowered and need to be buffed. However, if strong team play was possible, such as in a division or in a competitive team mode, then it can become very overpowered indeed.


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