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My guide to playing battleships

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I am JamesWOWS2009 from Asia server, and while I’m not super-unicum skilled, I do have decent experience and information, so tune in, and enjoy the read.

One of the main problems in the game (mainly high tiers) is camping/sniping. Technically, it isn’t very bad, sometimes it is the only way to damage stuff and really, you don’t ever wanna brawl German BBs, but while it is good, it also makes a player miss an important opportunity, pushing in. Many average battleship players are just scared of their ship dying, but you know, if you think you’re winning, just let those pesky buggers kill you, but before they kill you, make sure you’ve done enough damage, and that you still have many teammates. You don’t make the enemy push, you are the one who needs to push.

Next is aiming. There is also a misconception where you need to aim for the waterline for citadels (against battleships, against cruisers you could just aim anywhere you want), apparently that claim is wrong; I’ve tested it with my friend and against bots. Turns out, it actually gives little (or less) citadels. But there is also another claim; aim at the deck. I also tested it, turns out, more reliable citadels. There’s no guaranteed citadels, yes, but aiming at the deck gives you more RNG for citadels. Try testing both these techniques, and decide which one suits you.

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What else, oh right, destroyers. Those pesky buggers, so little so overpenny. Very dangerous, but also very fragile; once you see a broadside destroyer, dump your AP at it, and enjoy seeing 4k+ salvos every 21 seconds. This might be incorrect, I am using Iowa, and the best I’ve achieved is like a 9k to a Yugumo, not sure, I almost wrecked it.

CVs oh CVs, the #CVsneedremoval message in the world chat, but, as a battleship, there’s no real reliable way of swatting out CVs other than sticking with teammates, dodging, sure, you could dodge some torps, but they will just hit you no matter what. So, stick with your teammates, or get killed by a CV.

But, what’s the best BB line? Well, it depends on your preference. Jack-of-all-trades? American battleships. Deadly sniper? Japan. HE spamming? British BBs. Speed and agility/flanking? French BBs. Brawling? German BBs.

Blyating? Russian BBs.

What should you do in a battle though.

First, plan your position. Make sure you have escape routes, make sure it’s not gonna lead to overextending, etc.

Second, choose your targets carefully. You have slow reload and turret traverse, so choose your target. You won’t be able to switch targets fast enough.

Third, if you are in a bad situation, maneuver out, don’t reverse bow-tank. It’s better to receive catastrophic damage than to die slowly from combined fire from multiple enemy ships.

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