World of Warships

My idea for a Permanent Air Strike Mode.

Rather than continue to reply to other posts with bits and parts of my idea, I feel I should just make one post containing it all:

Make Air Strike mode a permanent, separate mode from Standard and AI. This is a great opportunity to add some variety to the game, which people have been asking for. This is not meant to be anti-this or anti-that, just an opportunity to make everyone happy and give us variety. Ranked or Arena or other time limited modes are exactly that – time limited, and if they are not good *cough* Ranked S9 *cough*, no one plays them and you either get games packed with bots (Rust N Rumble) or long queue times. And once they’re gone, it’s back to boring old AI and Standard.

Have 4 modes going forward: AI; Standard; Air Strike & Competitive (Standard or Air Strike). If you don’t care either way and just want to be put in the next available game, choose Competitive. Many online games have this. If you’re worried about long queue times, then choose competitive and the queue will be shorter.

If you’re anti-CV or want to play a ship with poor AA and are dreading taking it in against CV’s, play Standard.

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If you’re pro CV or want to play a ship with great AA, knock yourself out and play Air Strike.

This would actually make you think about what ship you need to take into what battle. Imagine a weekly mission where you need to get 10000 xp in Air Strike mode. What ship would you play? (As an aside: Let’s just make missions valid across both modes please

This would also allow the dev’s to buff the CV’s to their heart’s content and add anything players are asking for. Everyone in this test event has gone heavy on strong AA ships and fighter plane consumables. In a permanent Air Strike mode this should be encouraged! It will get you thinking about how you’re going to deal with the added threats of planes. And because people are going to be doing that, CV’s can be buffed with higher damage, higher HP, rockets, heat seeking missiles, nukes, flying chickens and what ever else people want.

And the dev’s can do so without having to worry about making them overpowered against ships with poor AA. Let’s say you want to, or need to play a ship with poor AA in Air Strike mode: now you’re in-game strategy changes and you need to stick closer to teammates with better AA. Ships that sail solo around the back edge of the map will get punished more, like they should.

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Now people will say, “ah, what’s the point of all this?; Carriers are being added to standard no matter what so get used to it.” That’s not the point. I’ve not expressed any of my personal opinions on CV’s in this post. I’m not anti-CV. This idea isn’t meant to be anti-CV. The point is to add options and variety to a game that is 1 ½ years old and only has 2 permanent game modes.

I’ve put this idea out there for criticism so poo-poo it if you want but I do want to hear something concrete that would prove it’s a bad idea, and not just you saying “I don’t like it because I don’t like other peoples’ ideas,” like most replies on here are. In fact, let’s say this will be indeed implemented: how would you make it better?


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