World of Warships

My not so in depth review of the USN light cruiser line.

Starting off with the dallas – if you don't like tier 6 CVs striking you then this thing is your friend, it gets fighters plus really good fuckin AA for the tier, especially if you are supporting team mates with it. It is remarkably good at hunting DDs due to from my experience, decent maneuverability, 10 rapid fire guns, and the inclusion of hydro acoustic search. Oh and it does the island camping thing really well. Next up we have Helena, which is pretty much a dallas but better in every way, except slightly less concealment and maneuverability, understandably. It retains a lot of the same features as Dallas, except now you have 15 gun broadside which is extremely deadly once you leave how to cap rush unsuspecting DDs with hydro into their smoke. It is really good at supporting team mates too, and island camping with HE. And now we get to Cleveland, she gets a slight buff to reload with the tradeoff being 3 less guns. Her strength is her trollish armor, nice maneuverability, AA and RADAR. She can support team mates well, but most importantly you can use her to flush out DDs especially if you get a DD or CV friend into your division with you. Her secondaries are actually, surprisingly good for a light cruiser with their range, I have a few Close Quarters Expert with cleveland, mostly finishing off DDs with fill broadside tho. Her radar is really nice to have even with the difference of 1km between spotting range and radar range, but thunderstorms and snowstorms in some maps negate this. Up next is Seattle, which I found to have worse maneuverability and firing angled than Cleveland, overall a worse cleveland except for heal, and HP. She does get really long range flak that I see idiot CVs fly into. A lot of people make her out to be some extremely horrible ship with a massive citadel, but honestly it's not that bad. Just try to stay behind islands, and only push with adequate support. Finally, we have worcester, which I havnt played many games in yet but I believe is completely worth it. Turret traverse is fun, she's notably faster and more maneuverable then seattle, and she has better concealment (slightly). Now mine is full AA build cause yes. She's still a really DD hunter with the 4.6 second reload, radar, and hydro. Really nice to have all of these consumables available at the same time, plus the heal gives much needed survivability. So overall: I really enjoyed this line, except seattle slightly less, and I recommend playing this line if you want think DDs or HE spam from islands, as toxic of a tactic it is.

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