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My Notes from the WG Stream Today

For those who missed the

today, I took some notes; sharing if others find it helpful. Let me know if there's anything missed or captured incorrectly.


  • No info on when CVs will be fully released; consequently there are no dates available for any carrier-related features
  • WG is evaluating whether or not aircraft carriers will be able to autopilot
  • Relatedly, if it is implemented at all, the way point system will only be available for carriers
  • T5 carriers coming out next week; as with T3, it will be available for everyone after completing missions. Those that received T3 carriers early (from filling out that survey), will also receive T5 carriers early.
  • There will be a survey to gauge community reaction to carriers coming out soon
  • No news on rocket planes, WG wants to gather data on dive bomber and torp planes first
  • American and Japanese are (unsurprisingly) likely to be the first carrier lines
  • In higher tiers, more bombs will be dropped per plane from the dive bombers (relatively to the T3 dive bombers)
  • Ship-based effects for inspirations will influence CVs (e.g. Hipper as an inspiration will influence secondaries of CVs).
  • Tanaka's base trait is supposed to influence the damage torp planes deal, but this isn’t working at the moment, this is a bug that they plan to sort out, but not till after the event
  • No news on whether defensive AA consumable will come to console
  • No date for RN carriers
  • No intention currently of allowing players to control multiple squadrons at once
  • Per TheSailingRobin, fighters will shoot down one enemy plane, not more than that; so carriers’ fight protection will trade planes 1 for 1
  • Tip from TheSailingRobin: don’t try to get all 3 bomb/torp drops from your plane squadrons. Sometimes it’s better to do an empty drop right off the bat to keep your planes alive for later. The point being that keeping your planes alive matters as regen is slow.

Ranked, Arena, & Bureau

  • Recognizing feedback received, there will be changes to ranked mode, but no details can be announced yet.
  • There will be some adjustments to the Bureau in the future to make the overview clearer
  • No news on next bureau projects, but hinted that that they’ll likely be the ones that were just available for rental (which seems obvious, not sure why they didn’t just say announce that)
  • No plans to make it such that ranked battles count toward missions. WG said this is because they don’t want anything to distract from the competition (e.g. people chasing torp missions in ranked)
  • Arena will have a leaderboard
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New Ships

  • Release date for Sims and Munchen not yet published
  • Missouri will be available for a long time. It will take a few updates to accumulate enough steel, but should be obtainable entirely for free for those that grind it out
  • The Eastern and Southern Dragon ships will be available in containers and in store during the Lunar New Year event; they're premium-versions of the Myoko with a skin that can be unmounted
  • Albermarle is a Baltimore-esque cruiser but with a 25mm bow; no smoke (as is true for the whole RN heavy cruiser TT line); it will have sonar and radar (radar can be switched for planes)
  • 155 Mogami is still planned
  • No plans for making Siegfried available after this campaign (e.g. as a GXP ship)
  • No plans to release Jean Bart or Wichita as GXP ships
  • European flag filter change was intentional and hints at things to come
  • No current plans to add more pocket battleships
  • No current plans to add Zao, Enterprise, La Republique, Bayard, Nimitz, Shinano, Dreadnought, or Heidenberg (there were audience questions specifically about these in the stream)
  • Obviously no plans for ships that don’t have models in PC already (there were questions about the Laffey, Yorktown, and New Jersey specifically)

Buffs, Nerfs, and other Changes

  • Azuma will be buffed
  • No plans to take the bow on Siegfried from 25mm to 27mm. WG team believes the ship’s side armor, concealment, and battleship-level guns make the ship very competitive already, and the team believes this sufficiently compensates for the bow. Ultimately something has to give.
  • More broadly, there are no other plans to buff Siegfried.
  • T33KANE urged players to try the Siegfried first before requesting changes as the stats aren't the whole story. Notably PrinceBlip said that it's one of his favorite ships to play.
  • Ships that nominally had dual purpose guns but didn't have the traverse rate to keep up to effectively perform AA, will not have those guns factored in as part of their AA defense, reflecting their historical real-world lack of utility.
  • Similarly, Yamato will not get her historical 18 inch AA shells integrated in the game.
  • German secondaries will not get 1/4 pen
  • German 105mm secondaries will be buffed
  • WG team believes that secondaries should have a defensive effect when a DD rushes you at sub-5 km, but the WG team is of the opinion that it should not be a strong offensive weapon (e.g. automatic DD killer)
  • Although Massachusetts did have radar, it will not be added for balance reasons (in contrast to the Missouri, who will have radar)
  • Belfast will never get the torpedoes because historically they were removed in the 1956 model
  • No plans to buff the Roma
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Steel, Icebreaker Coins, & other Currency

  • Steel will be available in future ranked seasons
  • Endless havocs will not be the only way to earn Steel
  • Icebreaker coins will be compensated for 1,500 credits in the next update
  • WG has no plans to add additional resources (presumably they’re referring to additional currencies like Steel)

New Features

  • Crossplay division has been in the works, but has been delayed due to COVID
  • Clans still in the works but delayed due to COVID
  • There was a refinement of muzzle flash and visual effects in this update
  • Average damage per ship and other player record stats by ship is a feature in the backlog, but not something that’s being worked on right now
  • Submarines, no plans and no information available
  • Feedback has been received and forwarded to the dev team to be able to melt permacamo to get some paint back. No word, however, on whether this will be implemented, much less when.
  • Princeblip doubts there will be a High School collab
  • Weather-related visually impairment or physics effects are not planned
  • No new maps planned at the moment
  • WG Community Mgmt team is supportive of changes to the audio effect of guns (e.g. so that different gun types and calibers have distinct sounds), but it has been delayed due to COVID
  • No plans to add all the premium ships to the Premium tab in the Ships menu
  • Requests for more historical camos (especially the Bismarck) has been heard and received; that was the impetus for some camo additions in this update, but no news to share on more camos at this point
  • For PS5, they’re working on a new client, but no visual updates yet
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  • Maps are same size and scale as PC, but spawns are different
  • Ramming takes into account speed and hull health pool
  • Differences between Iowa and Missouri: They are similar performance wise; but Missouri has radar, higher dmg AP shells, and slightly thicker forward bulkhead armor


  • T33KANE would like to do streams more regularly, but will have to balance with other work priorities
  • Streams dedicated to certain languages (e.g. French) are something they’d like to look into, but it would require evidence of significant interest as well as balancing with other work priorities


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