World of Warships

My opinions on the most recent commander additions

So seeing as we have 4 new commanders this update we have a nice change up of the commander meta.

1). Gleaves

Not bad but not all that good either. The only ships that I think benefit from Gleaves are Monaghan and Benham. The only thing with USN DDs in regards to the torps that is consistently bad is the torp speed is quite low and the reload time is quite long. Sure he could be useful on some of the TT ships but the trade off for better torps characteristics and stealth are reductions in the gunboat characteristics that the USN excells in. On any other (excluding the VMF) line I'd consider him good but the USN line really isn't that great.

2). Jonh Pickup

This is kind of a lame duck commander. His base trait and special perk kind of contradict each other as they are for consumables that are swapped for each other. Other than that he looks to be a clone of Von Hipper that you either need to choose to spec for a Brawler build which he isn't suited for or a Sniper build which he is markedly better for. Even on a sniper build though I don't know if I would choose him over Von Hipper as a 20% addition to spotter plane duration really would have marginal benefits at best.

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3). Shelly Beaply

Again not really all that interesting of a commander. She is a modified Kinkaid and I don't think she stacks up well compared to the other USN cruiser commanders. The only ships I see her being of any real relevance on is Alaska and potentially Baltimore and that's only if you don't have other commanders for. Her anti fire perk base trait isn't all that helpful as outside of the previously mentioned ships as cruisers don't really tank damage that well at least from the USN perspective. Her concealment perk I don't find all that interesting as it only would really come into play if you were running both Mikawa and Lemmonier as inspirations so that you could go dark sooner and closer to a fight. Potentially good with the right build in the right ship but I won't mind if I don't get her.

4). Fish guy

This one could be fun on Yūdachi and Shimakaze could be broken. Especially on the long range Shima torps as this could get them to be almost as fast as the screamers with subsurface venture making them go about 79kts. Also the final row skill looks like you wouldn't be trading it for anything more useful for more engine boosts which is nice.

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