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My Rankings For T8 CVs

Content of the article: "My Rankings For T8 CVs"

I've played CVs extensively (disgusting IK) and am pretty confident ranking the T8 techline and a few premium CVS that I have played. My opinion obviously. No toxicity, tell me your opinion in the comments.

  1. Graf Zepplin- Everyone saw this coming, it has no redeeming features except the torps are ok and the planes have above average speed. People do not exaggerate when they say the bombs are horrible. The rockets are average. This ship sacrifices to much for secondaries.

  2. Implacable- The torps are ok, the bombs are ok, the rockets are bad. They are slow and not super maneuverable. Overall worst techline CV at tier 8.

  3. Shokaku- I struggled between this and the August Von Parseval, Shokaku has better torps and more access to DoT, as well as having healthier planes. ON the flip side, Parseval has MUCH better APDB (With a Heal) and access to AP Rockets, unfortunately DoT is a non factor with very low flood chances. The only thing that gives Shokaku a fighting chance against Parseval is the above average torps with high damage and flood chance.

  4. Parseval- Covered in previous.

  5. Kaga- Rockets are dogshit, no redeeming factors. I feel this CV has gotten much worse with the changes to the HEDBs but it still beats out Parseval with its best-in-class torpedos and very usable bombers. The DoT potential is good but man, the torps shred bbs, with each salvo doing around 12k. Also it has incredible reserve capacity with 36 bombers and TBs.

1.Lexington- This should be regarded as the number 1 CV at T8 above Enterprise. Aside from parseval, enterprise, and Saipan, these are the only rockets that youw ill use the whole game. I personally use HVARS because the potential against dds and battleships are higher. The DoT potential is the highest out of all of them with it being easy to get double perma fires against ships with bombers, which do an insane amount of damage. The aiming reticle is better than that of the Enterprise and each hit is very consistent. The torps are also very strong and easy to aim. Overall, I think this is the best CV at T8 just barely beating Enti. (I dont have it, but from what ive seen)


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