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My take on Siegfried after first 30 battles

First and foremost the idea of Siegfried is awesome and a cool concept, you can either build her towards speed and mobility or throw all cards into firepower. It’s an interesting ship truly it is.

First the guns and torpedos: They are powerful and can provide definite slugging advantages when you fire at an enemy cruiser (if you can hit it that is) the guns are big, slow loading and rotate slowly and while you do have the “golden” moments of dev strikes on enemy cruisers and possibly a BB they are a let down with low consistency so those moments are few and far between firing at long range yields very poor results. The torpedos provide excellent defensive capabilities or offense against enemy cruisers (although you’ll usually delete them with guns before get to use em) overall rate it as ok.

Now the elephant in the room: ARMOR yes the armor. Siegfried is a battlecruiser and well she’s more like a giant Yorck than a giant Hipper. Squishy not tanky in any respect when a BB starts firing at you, the Wargaming idea of “wait and see before you judge.” Is a no go, it feels just like everyone expected a giant XP piñata to enemy ships. The bow and stern being reduced to 26mm really baffles me because the ship feels ok and that’s just it, it feels “ok”. I have more trust in playing Azuma than Siegfried in terms of armor. Your best defense is full broadside and that isn’t good either.

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All in all it’s an ok ship, I’ve had matches of 150k damage but that was when the guns wanted to actually give me good results. Other matches I can fire salvo after salvo and just miss even at ranges of 8km. If the ship had its accuracy from PC I could understand why it needed lower armor to keep it in check because if it had consistent and reliable accuracy I honestly wouldn’t complain it’d be in a good spot. My vote in it’s current state is something has to give, either give it the proper armor it deserves or accuracy buff (not both) and it will be a good. At this rate it’s just gonna be a very nice port decoration.


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