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My thoughts on the Next patch

So with the patch notes out now I'd like to share my thoughts on this new update. There is a lot of changes being made so this will probably be the single biggest update since the full release of Legendary tier.

Firstly we have the 2 year anniversary of the early access release. The good is we get a first win bonus for all surface ships starting at tier 4 and CVs at tier 3. We are also getting a sale so depending on what you want this will be good to okay. As usual don't use the doubling to GXP conversion as it is a litteral waste of money.

Next up we have the biggest change in this update and that is the full release of the carriers for the USN and IJN fleets. It should be interesting as there appears to be 4 CV commanders, the 2 from the test and presumably 1 for each nation available from limited missions. This should be interesting see what they do. I'm speculating though that these commanders are the tease from Godzilla vs Kong cross over and it will be Godzilla for the IJN and Kong for the USN.

There are numerous small changes to CVs for the better. The buffs generally feel like they were needed as a lot of the damage potential of CVs felt gimped especially at higher tiers. Also the ability to pre-plot a course is great as it means that the player in a CV can actually move their ship more than just in a straight line.

Now onto the bad part of the CV update. There is no way else to put it but the air defence options that WG currently have are just not that good. Starting with the DFAA consumable this is just bad. At 2-3 charges this in and of itself isn't bad but the fact that it is swapped for sonar is terrible. With how CVs are getting implemented with only a potential of 1 per team the need for DFAA seems kind of limited. Just operate in an AA bubble and launching the catapult fighter should be good enough to blunt the attack. Furthermore though with DDs still having thr potential to make up 44% of an enemy team the loss of sonar as a tool to spot DDs/torps is too much of a risk IMO to ever swap sonar for DFAA.

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Also the all out anti-air skill is in row 1. Generally speaking though I don't think that many ships will benefit from the greater AA range and power of the ship over whatever else they could run. The only ships I see this helping out much are offensive build cruisers since no Ingenious and Sniper build BBs as an alternative to Flammable Cannonier. Everything else IMO either won't have the AA potential to really use it to is best effect or has better choices for the ship like Ingenious, torp skills on DDs or brawler on BBs.

The AA mod equipment seems kind of out of place IMO. generally speaking I don't know how much of a difference it will make on most ships currently in game. At tier 4 and up it is only in slot 1. This is probably the only AA mod worth taking as most of these mods aren't all that powerful. In the 4th slot though I can't see it being all that enticing as it is only available for tier 7 and LT ships. Simply put as it currently is only Cleveland, the Baltimores and Alaska would be expected to have a good enough AA to really get a meaningful benefit out of this mod and there are better mods for those ships in slot 4.

What this all boils down to is that AA builds will be a thing but I don't see the need for them. You are specing the ship in question so heavily for fighting a class that there is no guarantee of facing at the expense of actual threats. Basically I just wont recommend building for AA outside of a few select ships but even then I'd say only do that if your divisioning up with a CV to ensure it is tactically useful.

Now for a change of pace let's talk about the campaign. Overall I like this a lot. The no timelimit for havoc missions is always nice. Same with the option for Legendary havoc missions. Hard mode coming back is great as it allows people to finish the campaign early and earn more steel faster which is always nice. The reward for the campaign is nice as well. Overall a good solid campaign cycle.

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Additional I like the idea of these arena seasons. Sprint seasons are much more enjoyable than long grind seasons. I don't particularly like though that it is kill based for scoring as this will encourage poor play to secure kills for yourself over anything else. Also in the teaser video it mentions only being available to tier 3 cruisers and DDs. I'm okay with the class choices but would have preferred tier 4 and up as I don't particularly like any of the tier 3 options. Also opening up the rewards bracket is good. So overall I'd give this arena a C+/B- grade as it does a lot well but could use a few improvements, but at least it's heading in the right direction IMO.

Golden week could be good depending on what's available. I hate that I know the flag will sell well though. That is not a negative but just an observation. The camos look good though it's just a shame that outside of Yamato I don't think I would pick one up and I already have a permanent camo for Yamato so I don't need another.

Now into the balance changes. The 105mm getting a pen buff is nice. It makes them somewhat of a nuisance so that is nice. A 1 second buff to reload on a ship I don't own could be useful so YMMV. The Warhammer ships finally aren't absolute turds anymore so that's nice. Getting more armour and a better heal is good now they are just kind of meh over being bad. Getting a charge of MBRB is something as well but at a single charge I don't know how useful it will actually be.

I get why it was chosen for the IJN to be the guniea pigs for concealment mod on BBs. I believe it is to synergizer with Kondo to see how powerful a stealth build could be on BBs. It should be interesting as With Kondo and Świrski plus the concealment mod the concealment should go down by a lot. With CVs here now though I don't know how relevant it will actually be. As usual though Vanguard won't be changed all that much as the firing angles are the problem and that is a hard fix so concealment probably won't help that ship.

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Finally the odds and ends parts. New maps are nice although I wish Solomon Island was up to tier 5. I don't know how much I will play it outside of grinding the CVs as I don't play tier 3 outside of premium supplies and only play tier 4 to get citadel hits in bulk. Hotspot looks fun although do also wish it was tier 5-LT. Basically give the tier 5s access to new maps as that it is one of the most fun tiers to play. Obviously the bug fixes are nice. AA stats are kind of needed with CVs in game. The same can be said for the commanders and CV filter in port. Also not particularly excited for the new premium ships but that is nice. Would have liked it a lot more with new GXP ships as the last one was Gascone IIRC as Odin was a campaign ship so a large amount of players already had it.


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