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My thoughts on the Russian BBs

Content of the article: "My thoughts on the Russian BBs"

Most of the info will come from Jageroo's newest video.So I may forget or miss some things about the line.

Tier 3

Kaiser Layout it seems.Middle turrets only shoot 1 side

Tier 4

Imperator Nikolai the first

Tier 5

Kongo but slightly worse

Tier 6

Better Imperator

Tier 7

Monster (On pc )

Tier 8

Same as tier 7

Tier 9

A competitor to Iowa

Tier X

Monster Second biggest tech tree guns

HP stuff

If the ships are like PC they will have a extremly large HP pool better than the Grosser Kurfurst and the German BB line the current line with the most HP. So now there is even less of a reason to grind for the German BBs (F for those who did) and even more reason for the Republique as its still the best brawler.


For some reason according to Jageroo the dispersion is better at longer ranges than close which doesn't make sense but i trust him.Also the line will have a good long range like Russian lines are known for.

Main Guns

For the guns its average until tier x which suddenly get huge.Because at tier 10 they have the second largest guns in the game for tech tree (Damn Shikishima fuck off) as they have 457s and the Yamato has 460s … Meaning they will be a good sniper and maybe a good brawler with its large hp pool.

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Manuel Secondaries

It's meh its not the best or worst.Its not as good as Grosser Kurfurst or Republique or bad as Yamato (Only 6 controllable 152s not as good as the other lines) Its going to be like Montana with its mediocore secondaries.

Auto Secondaries

According to the offical wows site the Sinop (tier 7) gains auto secondaries until moskva they seem meh.Also according to the wargaming wiki the Sinop may have two different sets of auto secondaries but it maybe like the Grosser Kurfurst were you can change which set of guns you use


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