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Nerfs to Graf Zeppelin are uncalled for and how to fix this ship.

Content of the article: "Nerfs to Graf Zeppelin are uncalled for and how to fix this ship."

Look, I get it. Rockets are unhealthy in the game they are horrible for destroyers, as they can take off half your health with little to no counterplay. The problem I have with this is now GZ cannot hit anything. The planes have a VERY low rocket count. I get it for Shokaku and for Lex(Not Saipan though). But GZ is a dead ship as it is. The bombs can't hit shit. The plane health was never compensated for when they nerfed all plane speeds by ~20 knots(GZ's gimmick in 0.8.0 was that it had VERY fast planes that could outrun flak but if you got caught, you lost all your planes. I'm sorry if this is turning into a rant, but I bought this ship back when it was first released not realizing that WG messed with it.

Before nerf. (Credit to Toptier)

PTS (credit to Toptier)

Attack from broadside brought more favorable results, but the rockets still look very RNG based, and with DD players recognizing these changes, most rockets will be avoided. (TTR)

GZ IMO is the worse ship in the game aside from maybe Smith. Like they have killed off all interest in this POS

Part Two: How to fix this steaming pile of dog crap

This section will describe how maybe we can fix it.

1: The HP of the planes.

When uptiered, the Graf Zeppelin becomes unbearable to play The health of the planes are too low. The HP pools of each individual plane need to be buffed by about ~5%. This can make Graf easier to play and make the planes more fun to play with, and you don't get deplaned within the first ten minutes.

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2: The @$%*ing dive bombers.

For starters, the squadron size needs to be increased from 8 to 9 with 3 per attack. The second thing that needs to happen is reducing the RNG with the bombs. This should make them a viable option to actually use. Sometimes the bombs say "fuck it" and they go all over the reticle. Third thing. Make their dive how it used to be. The bombers come in at a steeper angle allowing for less ricochets(If the bombs actually hit) and more full pens. Also gib Stukas bacc

3: This is for the memes, but here goes. Make the secondaries reach out to 11.3 kilometres. This last part is just for the memes, but hear me out. In the he and torp spam meta, I find the game to not be that much fun anymore. The thing that keeps me coming back are the german and american secondary ships. Running secondary builds are not viable anymore, because WG keeps on putting out these he-spamming fast firing ships that can burn you down before you even reach secondary range. With Graf, the max secondary range is 9.4 Kilometres. The buff would give GZ players an option to push forward being this massive tank and shredding people with your secondaries and having fun with your friends.

The only other thing I can think of is to re-classify Graf as a Heavy Cruiser and give secondary ships a deep-water radar that ONLY detects Smolensks and Kutuzovs up to 22 km away and giving GK special British AP rounds that cannot overpen Smolensks. /s

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