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New GFX issues. Invisible torpedo wakes? Game unplayable? Please help!

I am having a serious problem with the new graphics. I suffer from colorblindness and other sight issues. The new torpedo wakes are totally invisible to me.

I spent many hours yesterday night looking through the game settings/ModStation/Aslains for something to help me instead of doing CBs, without luck.

This is probably a problem that is limited to people who have eyesight problems similar to mine so I'm not sure if WG can even do anything about it…

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion that may help me fix this problem as I truly love this game but right now I'm not sure how I can even play it anymore.

This is the ticket I opened with WG Support:

Yesterday's visual update was a huge shock and disappointment for me.

In the new patch 10.0.2, there was a change to torpedo wake graphics. They used to be bright white and are now … invisible?

I suffer from colorblindness and I could never easily see the red triangles of enemy torps. I thus relied 100% on the wakes to dodge enemy torps.

Now that the wakes are so faint/a color I cannot see, I'm unable to even attempt to avoid torpedoes.

I have tried the colorblind modes but they don't really help much with seeing torps better and they make the whole game look ugly since they modify the color of the whole screen.

As I mostly play DDs, this is a huge problem for me and I am left wondering if I can even play this game anymore.

Here are some suggestion of fixes:

A) Allow players to select what color the enemy icons are from ANY color (I would probably make them bright yellow for myself as that is a color I can easily see)

B) Go back to the old torpedo wake graphics

C) Make the new wakes more visible from the front. I noticed that the new wakes look very different when viewed from the back and from the front. I can see the wake of torps I launch just fine but the ones coming at me are invisible.

D) Add an option for alternative torpedo wakes in the ModStation. There are options for all kinds of shell tracers but I could not find anything for torpedoes.

I was really excited for these new graphics and while the explosions, fires, smoke etc look good, this torpedo wake issue has rendered the game more or less unplayable for me and it truly breaks my heart.

Thank you for your consideration.


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