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Overview of unique commanders in the rework.

Content of the article: "Overview of unique commanders in the rework."

A friend got me this from the test server at me request and since I didn't see anybody else post something like this, I figured I'd do it myself.

An overview of all of the enhanced skills (with point cost):

  • EM: +20% turret traverse speed for cruisers and DDs (1), +25% for BBs (2)

  • EL: -75% reload when switching ammo, all classes except CV (1)

  • PM: -45% module incapacitation, BBs and DDs (1)

  • HA: -4% cooldown to repair party and DCP, BBs only (1)

  • JoaT: -12,5% cooldown to fighter, scout plane, DFAA, MBRB and TRB, all classes except CVs (1)

  • SSE: +12,5% action time of hydro, radar, smoke screen and engine boost, all classes except CVs (2)

  • VI: +35% torpedo acquisition, BB only (2)

  • AR: 0,25% boost to all types of reload (and 0.25% boost to AA DPS) for every 1% of hp lost, all classes except CVs (3)

  • DE: +1,5% fire chance with main and secondary guns, DD (2), cruisers (2) and BB (1), and +2%/+6% fire chance to rockets/bombs, CV (3)

  • SE: +400 hp per ship level, DD and cruiser (3), and +30 hp per plane level, CV (3)

So after the changes:

  • John/George Doe = More or less untouched

  • Viktor/Vasily Znamensky = Cruisers now only get buffed EM, great loss of value IMO. Buffed for BBs?

  • Franz/Reinhard von Jutland = New JoaT doesn't affect Hydro and Vigilance is BB exclusive, another great loss in value for me

  • Jack/Bert Dunkirk = Skills still available for all classes (except for CVs, for who they were useless anyway) but the changed consumable skills make Dunkirk very questionable in value, especially since most RN smokes are short and lengthening them gains you 1-2 seconds. Also, no more -10% cooldown on DCP/repair for BBs/CAs will make many people sad. The few Radar ships might like it, though

  • JJ/CH Honore = Same skill availability for DD/CA/BB as before

  • Da/Qan Rong = All skills available for every class

Legendary commanders are omitted, but you can figure those out with this list. Sansonetti's torpedo skill is available for everything but BBs and Cunningham/Lutjens CV skills are only for CVs, anyway.

Edit: fixed formatting and typos.


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