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Picking the right team in Battle of the Beasts: Maximizing your odds of getting all rewards

The Battle of the Beasts event starts tomorrow. The team component of the event is designed in a way that prevents every team from claiming all of the weekly rewards. I used the information in this news post to calculate how to maximize your odds of getting all of the rewards. This post does not contain all of the information about the event; only relevant information to completing it is included.

Basic Event Info

  • The Battle is 4 weeks long, with 4 sprints that each last 1 week.
  • There are 4 teams, each with their own unique commander in their respective reward track. To claim all rewards you will need to sign up for a different team each week.
  • 25 missions are available per day, split among 3 categories. Each mission is available for 2 hours before expiring and a new mission of the same type taking its place.
  • To claim all 10 rewards each week, you need 1500 personal points and 1500 team points.
  • Each mission gives 20, 40, 60, or 80 personal points, depending on your mission progress. You can also get a bonus of 10-25 personal points for placing on the leaderboard for that mission.
  • Each mission also awards 5, 7, 9, or 12 team points, depending on your team's placement (1st-4th place).

Key Takeaway

Collecting 1500 personal points per week is not too difficult and depends entirely on how much you play and how good you are at the game.

In contrast, reaching 1500 team points will depend on your team's performance in the 175 total missions available each week. Teams' placements are determined by "summing up the team results for each mission." This means that larger teams with more players will have an advantage in placement. Due to the distribution of team points, your team will need to average around 2nd place for all missions to obtain all team rewards for the week.

9 (points) x 25 (missions per day) x 7 (days in a week) = 1575 points

Therefore, it is important to pick the right team to join each week if you want all of the unique rewards.

Unlike previous events such as Sharks vs. Eagles, where players might have sentimental reasons for picking a side, this event features teams inspired by Germanic mythology that are less likely to attract players based on the names or mascots alone. My prediction is that Welthund will have the most players in the first week due to being the first team listed (their dog mascot isn't bad either). For subsequent weeks, I suggest picking the rest of the teams in order from left to right (Feuerputz, Glühschwanz, and finally Lindwurm). If enough of us do this, we should be able to maximize our team placements, and team points, each week.


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