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Possible solution to the IJN cruiser problems

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The IJN cruisers aren't bad, but then what is that a lot of people talking about? Becouse I'm a IJN CA main, I felt a bit offended when someone questoned me why am I playing them, so I made some reshearch on the internet and in books I have about battleships. I found that, that the problem are not whit the ship caracteristics, rather than whit how they appear in the techline (placement and flavour text).

I found post talking about how should we buff their stats, but thats a wrong solution. Becouse it is one of the oldest lines it is impossible that they are not powercreeped, bud they still have their gimicks that are unique tho them: good HE, dd dispersion, low turet traverse, almost CL concielment, strong torps with limited angles. They has armor, t5-7 also high hp pool. If we just count these, they should be really strong cruisers, right? Then why are people complaining?

When I played them sometimes i felt that something changed at tier 8. They lost hp, started eating citadels for breakfast, the guns don't preformed so well. If we read the info about the line in the tech tree tab, it doesn't state that they will play differently after T7, they just gain topedos? And the complaints also aim at this part of the line too. What is going on? Becouse when they are played correctly they still preform really well, but it is really missleading if you are a new player, and don't see that the playstyle of the line changes. I will go over the problems and what is causing them, then at the end what would be a good solution. Also at tier 10 these statment will not always be true.

Why are they made out of citadel? I inspected the armor scemes of the other nations CA-s and something catched my eye. No other line has this armored deck slope on their citadels, only the germans, but they have turtle back armor.

Mogamis armored deck slope

Also their citadel deck armor isn't that thicc compared to the other nations ships on the same tier, even light cruisers have thicker deck armour.( except Neptune and Minotaur, their citadel is very differend from their predeseccors and has an other design). Yes, the german and netherland cruisers deck is thinner, but the germans have turtleback and the netherlandians have thick armor on the outside of the ship which protects the whole thinner citadel. The Ijn CA-s citadell also very vide and sits high over waterline and despite this armored slope being thicker than the deck it won't help. Becouse of this wierdly shaped citadell they sponge citadel hits from any range and any vierd angle, basicly pre angle itself for the incoming shell. Becouse of this from T8 and up the line require a higher skillflore than below. This weakness is part of the line and comes from the original design, so can't be realy solved.

Less hp. This is actualy a problem, but only for the Ibuki. It is coming from the fact that the Mogami is not purely a heavy cruiser, becous of the London Naval treaty and how she was built. Basicly she is very large light cruise, that was later conwerted to a heavy cruiser,(this is why she has two typs of turrets).But the Ibuki was not. When she was laid down the restisriction wasn't valid so ther was no need of making her smaller, unlike the Mogami whose size was limited. Then why does the Ibuki has even less Hp than the Mogami? She is even in higher tier which logicaly dictates that she must have more hp in order to survive the enemy who also gets stronger. Then why, has the developpers no common sense? It is acceptible on the Mogami becouse she is basicly a light cruiser, but not on the Ibuki. It is unlogical to me that a heavy cruiser has less hp than a light cruiser. For the Zao the hp isn't low, it is the same amount that she in the beta test had, no problem there.

The guns. I fellt when i played, that the enemy alvays outgun me so I compared the guns of all cruiser and then just the ones that are 203 mm and I found something realy intsresting. I don't compared ships below T5 and ship where the lines split( like Omaha), so just the ships with the similar disengn in each line. the lines most of the time after tier5-6 gan their final design and playstyle, thats where the real differences come out. I take into account the gun calibers when compared them. This is where T10 often differ by a lot from the lover tiers.

-The netherland cruisers have fast shells as in the line info states, small range tho

-for the italians the high velocity shells only true after tier 6, the Trento has slover shell than the americans cl-s

-The french 152 mm gun speed is medicore, howewer the 203 one are a bit slow, charles Mattel almost as slow as an american, not sure but they might reqire the slow shell property for the higher tiers

-The brits have a tea brake mid filght. It is the slowest as the info states

-German gun are the fastest non USSR- or italian whos have railguns

-The soviet shells are laserguided by Stalin, fast as the info states

-the usa has the slow shells as in the info

-the IJN shell are alsmost as slow as the americans, as slow as the Pensacola and New Orleans, and yes the Baltiomre and above shell are slower, but all japanese CA us the same shell speed from T5 and on.(the Mogamis 155 mm gun shell speed sits perfectly between the amirican and soviet values, but becouse only she has those gun and she also has the 203 mm one it does not realy count). But then comes the question: why don't they have the slow shell flightime property? Becouse the american shell will be slower at higher tiers? It doesent make sens to me.

shell speed

In this picture theer are the 203 mm guns from the game (not from all ships, becouse som of them have the same ballistics, like the whole IJN line or the americans T8-10). What you see her, that ther is a dense area, where the american, britis, french and japanese lines are very close. So in conclusion, the japanese must have the slow shell tag and In my opinion the french too. But then only the germans will be the only nation with "normal" cruiser shell speed.


Upgrade the ui regarding these lines and others.

For the italians just need to edit the line info, that the "Easy to shoot accurately at long ranges" trait is only from tier 7

For the japanese. Move the little info dot on the tech line screen below the Furataka, becouse this is where on the line becomes a heavy cruiser line. For the main battery add the "Shooting accurately at long ranges is challanging" tag. Also add a term for "Main battery has weak armor" becous the whole line has 25mm turret armor, only the british CA-s fom T5 to T7 has the same problem ( som line has T5-s wit lov turret armor, but from T6 all has proper armor). Add the "Low AA defense efficesi" tag as for the IJN BB-s, as this is a trait specific to all IJN ships. For movement add the "High manuverability" tag becouse compared to the italian CA-s whos has this tag, the japanese have smaller base ruder shift time and avarge turning cicle, where the italian have small turning circle but avarge ruder shift. During my research I found that the ships speed waried compered that is in the game, the Furataka was slower(33-34,5 knots), the Aoba aroun the in game 35 knots value (33,5-36 knots), hovewer theMyoko class was faster (36 knots), mogami is even faster (37 knots) and the Ibuki was planned to be aroun 35 knots. My suggestion is that decrase the in game speed of Furataka to 34 knots, leave the speed of Aoba at 35 knots, increase the speed of Myoko to 36 knots and the speed of mogami to 37 knots, the speed of Ibuki untuched. And becouse of this high speed it might be a good idea to add the "High top speed tag", but its not that important, becouse they only reached russan CL level speed, not the italian CA level high top speed. For torpedose add the "High torpedo detectability" tag, becouse IJN CA-s us the same torpedose that their destroyers use and has that tag. For survivability increase the base hp of Ibuki to 38100, which is higher than the bas hp of the Mogami, but still lower than the hp of Mogamis 'B hull' and even if we add the 3900 hp increase from the Ibukis 'B hull' it will be only 42000 hp, which is still lower than the base hp of the Zao. This makes perfect logical sense, higher tier=more hp and Ibuki also was planned with more displacement than her predecessors, but don't throw the balance aout of the window. Becouse even if we make this changes, the base hps will be light cruiser level, despite being heavy cruisers, add the "Low survivability from tier 8" tag. Also becouse the bad citadell it must be considered not to add a "Low level of citadell protection from tier 8" in contrast to the german and french high level.I don't realy touched the Zao, becouse she doesent need any buff in my opinion, any buff wuold just make her into a monster that she inde beta was.

I think these changes would be good, becous it would make clear to new players what the line is , and doesent swing the balance of the game, becouse no changes would happen regardin to actual game stats( except the Ibuki hp increase, but that is so small, that would not make impact on the game big enough to become unbalanced). I only looked on the IJN line and found somesmall thins in the italien CA line, becouse I am only familiar with that line, there could be other shall problems in other ship lines.

My suggestion is that if i summarize everything, that the developper should refress some of these techline infos of the oldel lines. I wish the developpers will read this. The aim of these changes is not to make the IJN CA-s better( they are alaready good), but to make the game easyer to understand and to clarify things.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker.


The encyclopedia of ships by Tony Gibbons

Hadihajók by Dr. Bak József


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