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[Proposal] An attempt at improving the matchmaker

Currently the WoWs MM works in a simple way – both sides are mirrored in terms of ship class and ship tier (e.g. one side has two Tier 6 BBs and one Tier 8 BB, the other will have the same), but that's all there is to it, and this can create some pretty unbalanced and unfun scenarios where one team is heavily stacked, whereas the other is not, and it's easy to predict the outcome of such a scenario (it does not help that even in such situations the match still drags on for 10-15 minutes, it takes a masochist enjoy that).

Knowing this, I propose the following changes to the MM

  1. Divisions should be mirrored. That is to say, if one tean has a Tier 6 BB and two Tier 6 cruisers, the other team must have a similar division (specific ships don't matter here, but they must be one Tier 6 BB and two Tier 6 cruisers).

  2. Fail divisioning should be completely removed. This is simple – all ships in a division must be of the same tier. This would prevent exploits like the now defunct 7-8-8 "anchoring" and the current 8-9-9 "spawnpeek" (both involving carriers), as well as prevent unpleasant scenarios where a Tier 6 ship lands in a Tier 9 match just because they queued with a friend in a Tier 7.

  3. A cap on the number of aircraft carriers. One per team should be the right number, but seeing as WG wants their queues to be as short as possible, I doubt they'd be willing to go lower than two per team (which can be brutal in Tier 4 and Tier 6). Still, I do believe one per team regardless of tier should be the best option, even if CV queues were to be a bit longer (the class has become pretty popular since the rework).

  4. Introduction of "templates". This was introduced in World of Tanks years ago, and it took some time for WG to tune it to acceptable levels, and as it is now works pretty well. Basically, the MM tries to form teams based on a few fixed templates – as an example of what could happen if WoWs had this mechanic, we could see a Tier 10 battle with two Tier 10s, four Tier 9s, and six Tier 8s, or three 10, three 9 and six 8, or four of each, and so on. This would apply to all tiers (of course, those with protected MM would still see +1 tier at most, so in case of Tier 4, one could see five Tier 5s and seven Tier 4s).

Read more:  WG's response on Santa crates (NA forums).

And that's all for now. I'll leave the post here hoping it will lead to some constructive debate, or hey, maybe some WG redditor will notice and come have a look? I don't know, but trying never hurts. 🙂

Also, please note that all this concerns PVP. The PVE matchmaker for Co-op seems fine, as it takes some effort to lose Co-op matches (though it does happen).


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