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PSA) My experiment on turret HP changes on PTS, here are the results

Content of the article: "PSA) My experiment on turret HP changes on PTS, here are the results"

TL;DR: Turret HP is effectively 1.67 times higher in cases of penetration, but it is halved in cases of over-penerations.

TL;DR2: This means BBs and CAs turrets are tankier / DDs and CL turrets are also tankier when HE rounds hit their turrets, but weaker when AP shells hit them.

With this patch, pen ribbons with no dmg will be much rarer sight, but you might be worried now that your favorite Jean Bert will lose their turrets faster than before. But my test shows otherwise.

This is primarily due to turret HP being halved, but also DMG from penetration being reduced from 0.33 to 0.1

I did an extensive test rounds on 0.9.8 live server and 0.9.9. PTS test room, and if nothing changed in the mechanics (probably), here are the results you will see in the live server.

This table shows the rounds took for destruction of one turret for each target. Note that on 0.9.8 and previous versions, there was a RNG part on damage to turret modules, so values may vary. After 0.9.9, the numbers will be the same due to removal of RNG element.

0.9.8 0.9.9 PTS
DM HE on Harugumo 4.5 8
DM AP on Harugumo 8 4
DM AP on Richelieu 12 20
Richelieu AP on Richelieu 5 8.4
Haru HE on Harugumo 10 17
Haru AP on Harugumo 24 12
Conq AP on Harugumo 3.9 1.54

Example calculation: Des Moines HE & AP has 2800 & 5000 DMG, making 933 as raw HE Pen DMG, 1667 as AP Pen, and 500 as AP Overpen.

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Harugumo turrets have 4000/2000 HP on 0.9.8/0.9.9.

On 0.9.8, DM HE will pen and deal 933 DMG to Harugumo turret, destroying it in approx. 5 shots. But, on 0.9.9, DM HE will still pen, but deal only 280 DMG, meaning it now takes 8 shots to destroy the turret.

On both versions, DM AP will overpen Harugumo, dealing 500 DMG to its turrets, but since HP is halved in 0.9.9, it now takes half rounds.

On the test for DM AP on Richelieu (a JB stand-in), my DM shot and penned the side of its turret.

Riche turrets have 20000/10000 HP on 0.9.8/0.9.9.

On 0.9.8, they take 1667 DMG per pen, meaning 12 shot destruction, but on 0.9.9 PTS, they take 500 DMG per pen, making it 20 shot destruction (500*20 = 10000).

You see the pattern here? Most turret destructions are caused from DMG inflicted from penetration to the turrets, and after 0.9.9, turrets will effectively be stronger than before, but hitting your turret will also damage your ship HP as well.

Now that some of you are worried that BB APs will destroy gunboat turrets.

Theoretically, yes, this is correct. But hitting two AP shells into a single DD turret is highly RNG-dependent and pretty ineffective as well.

I was able to destroy a turret in one salvo, but it was done by shooting at a stationary DD at 6kms, and could not be reliably reproduced.

I tested to see how much Daring turrets can a Conqueror AP destroy before Daring explodes, and on both versions, most of the time I could only knock out one turret before Daring itself got destroyed. So, while BB APs killing DD turrets into pieces is possible in 0.9.9, I believe it is highly impractical to aim for the turrets, or keep shooting AP to DDs. Please use HE (and shoot the DDs, not the stationary BBs in the back!)

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Finally, this was originally posted in my first language in a game forum that could upload multiple gifs, but it is really hard to do so in reddit, so yeah, sorry about that, and sorry if you find any grammatical mistakes, I did my best.


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