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[PSA] Steel Badges and You!

Captains, we’ve been receiving some questions about Steel Badges.

Steel is an in-game currency that meant to be an ultimate earned reward for the most committed among you over the long term. This is a way to obtain rare ships for free over time. Currently only Missouri is available, but we plan to introduce more ships in the future. Learn about the ways to obtain and spend Steel, how to plan and calculate in this short FAQ.

Are “Steel Badges” and “Steel” the same currency?

  • Yes, you may come across both terms in-game and in game-related publications, with “Steel Badges” being the official name and “Steel” being used as an abbreviation. Both terms refer to the same currency.

What is the purpose of Steel Badges? Why introduce a new currency?

  • Steel Badges have been introduced to enable the most dedicated and competitive players to convert their dedication into unique rewards. The grind to get them is slow, requires a lot of persistence, and the current top reward will take several months to earn.

How can I earn Steel Badges, and how fast will I earn them?

There are two main ways in which you can earn Steel Badges:

  • Earning certain achievements (usually top places) in the Arena or Ranked modes. Please note: these competitive modes will always be the primary source of Steel Badges.
  • Competing Endless Trials after finishing Campaigns. This allows some players to forego competitive modes entirely, but also takes significantly more time. Importantly, “buying out” Campaigns will allow you to get more Badges, but not as many as the competitive-mode path offers. We want Steel to be a free high-end resource that is difficult to get either way.
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How exactly do I earn Steel Badges from Campaigns?

  • Completing Endless Trials earns you Renown, which in turn progresses you along the Endless milestones. Each milestone is worth 5 Steel Badges and requires 25 Renown to unlock.

Depending on your skill, playstyle, and other factors, you will be able to amass 2,000–4,000 Steel Badges per Update. The maximum available number of Badges in the current Update is 3,750.

What can I obtain in exchange for Steel Badges?

You can spend Steel Badges on:

  • Rare ships—currently, only Missouri is available, but we plan to introduce more ships in the future
  • Valuable resources
  • Customization items

To reiterate, we see Steel Badges as the ultimate reward for the most committed among you over the long term. While some proportion of Steel Badges can be “bought” (by purchasing Campaign milestones earlier and completing Endless Trials), it’s always going to be the lesser amount.

We hope this FAQ was helpful. Start earning Steel Badges, and Turn the Tide!


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