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Random compilation of OP USN ships (current and past)

Content of the article: "Random compilation of OP USN ships (current and past)"

I made a comment responding to someone saying that USN Bias doesn't exist and I thought I might as well make it a post since I put so much effort into it. This also makes it easy for me to find this copypasta whenever I see someone talking about how USN Bias isn't real.

USS Black, 55% WR: Smoke + Radar on a DD with some of the best DPM at tier 9, top pick in any tier 9 competitive mode.

USS Benham, 54% WR: Notorious torpedo spammer that rivals the Kitakami in raw push-stopping power.

USS Somers, 56% WR: While this ship isn't necessarily OP and its high randoms WR can be attributed to being a steel ship, its extreme prominence in competitive modes lands it a spot on the list.

USS Alaska/B, 53.5/52.5% WR: Despite the surprisingly low WR, this ship is stronger than the majority of tier 9 cruisers due to its raw gunpower and tankiness; easily comparable to most tier 10 ships.

USS Georgia, 52(!)% WR: Incredible mix of accurate guns, decent survivability, incredible speed (faster than a lot of DDs), strong secondaries, and good AA. Surprisingly enough this ship only has a 52% WR while the Massa has…

USS Massachusetts/B, 53/55(!)% WR in 2 Million/500 thousand games: Strong guns, amazing survivability, decent mobility, amazing secondaries, and good AA have made this ship one of the best T8 BBs in the game. The Massachusetts has more games played than most tech tree BBs and still has a much higher winrate.

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USS Ohio, 55% WR: This one is definitely more of a sleeper OP ship but the level to which it dominates every competitive mode and outclasses most other BBs in random battles cannot be overstated.

USS Flint, 58% WR: For the longest time, this ship was the go to tier 7 division clubber and rivaled the likes of Belfast in terms of sheer power. Unfortunately for this ship, time has not been as merciful as it has been to the Belfast and numerous global changes (Tier 7 MM worsening, AA changes, IFHE nerfs that gutted this and Atlanta, increasing prevalence of radar, etc…) have severely knocked this ship down to a state that isn't really OP anymore.

USS Baltimore: While this ship isn't that statistically strong compared to the various OP premiums, I still firmly believe that this ship is one of the best tier 8 cruisers in the game. The ship has decent HE, great AP performance, strong concealment, practically stealth radar, strong survivability, and decent mobility. Most tier 8 cruisers have some form of major weakness and the Baltimore just doesn't have one.

USS Enterprise and Lexington: I don't really care about CVs but these ships stand out as the strongest tier 8 CVs at the moment. Despite this, CV balance is so wack as of now that it is hard to really consider them OP.

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There are a bunch of other ones I could maybe put on here but they are either low tier ships (looking at you Clemson and Nicholas) or don't stand out enough to genuinely OP (looking at you Des Moines and Salem). I will however do a bonus round for a couple spicy ships that are no longer in the game.

Pre-rework USS Saipan, Very High: This thing was so stupidly OP for the simple fact that you could not beat this ships fighter control. Seriously, no matter what you did, it was basically impossible to win the air war against a competent Saipan and WG made no attempt to address it for the duration of its existence before it was finally taken from us with the CV rework. The only thing that could be considered a balancing factor was that the strike power for both loadouts wasn't really that strong.

Pre-rework USS Enterprise, Very High: Kind of like the Saipan but not blatantly OP at air control but with good striking power. It had an unholy number of fighters in its reserve that allowed you to just bludgeon the enemy CV into submission and then kill surface ships with your very powerful strike loadouts.

Pre-rework 2018 USS Midway: The Midway never really had a good winrate and generally was outclassed by the Hakuryu in all environments but towards the end of its life it gained access to AP divebombers for a time.

USS Bogue with 2-0-1 loadout after strafing was removed from tier 5 CVs: I don't even want to talk about this. If you were around during that time, you know what I mean.


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