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[Rant] Next Patchnotes – Main Focus on the CV’s

( Long post )

Lets start with the Patchnotes.

RPF for all destroyer captains? Okay, why not. I kinda could pass on that but at least it equals all the DD's some.
Lets tick to the captian perks…
The 'least-used' captain skills from the universal captains will be removed… For real… Why? There is no announcement or anything that says that these skills will be exchanged for anything else. It straight up kills some variety. Even if it wasn't good variety or a good idea having a ramming perk but… Seriously? You straight up nerf captains?

Lets stick to the nerfs and also come to the communities favorite topic: CV's

We have quite some heavy nerfs for T7 CV's in the next patch… Well… At least heavy when you are someone who plays american ships which probably anyway most of you do because playing the whole american line makes the most sense since you get everything in there you want.
The sent out squadrons will be increased, depending on upgrades up to 8-9 planes per squadron. Along with that, some changes have been made how much planes of that squadron are attacking.
For those who haven't seen it already, i'm gonna summon it up here:
Dive Bomber – Squadron size 9 – Attacking Planes 3 – ( Base AND Upgraded )
Torpedo Bomber – Squadron Size 8/9 – Attacking Planes 2/3 – ( Base / Upgraded )

Dive Bomber – Squadron Size 8/9 – Attacking Planes 2/3 – ( Base / Upgraded )
Torpedo Bomber – Squadron Size 8/9 – Attacking Planes 2/3 – ( Base / Upgraded )

Dive Bomber – Squadron Size 9 – Attacking Planes 3 – ( Base AND Upgraded )
Torpedo Bomber – Squadron Size 8 – Attacking Planes 2 – ( Base AND Upgraded )

An important thing WG has stated in their Patch notes was that the squadron health will ( Despite the bigger squadrons ) stay mostly the same… Or 'Largely' how they said it. This all in all means that the individual plane health will be reduced.

Now let me ask you two things…

First of all: Did you noticed the heavy nerf on the Shoukaku?
Second: How much Shoukaku's do you see in your games?

For me… In around estimated 25 Tier 7 games where i have carriers in, there is maximum 1-2 Shoukaku's. At least in MY games. The rest is around 50/50 split between Lexington and Parseval.

WG stated in their patch notes that the nerf on the Shoukaku: …"May look harsh, but the truth is that she is consistently outperforming Lexington" and "…The net difference shouldn't be dramatic".

Well… Actually it is but lets get to that now
WG said their carrier nerfs came by looking at stats such as:
– Average Damage
– Lifetime
– Winrate
– Survivabillity
– Ships Popularity

At least in my WoWs Legends, a Shoukaku is basically the Unicorn in the desert, please tell me how it is in yours, because the only Shoukaku i see 98% of the time, is my own. If your games are 90% shoukaku's then please let us switch accounts, i'll gladly take them.

What is the conclusion of that?

In my opinion the top 3 Tier 7 carriers goes in this order:
Lexington > Parseval > Shoukaku
( That Lexington is better than Parseval is of course discussable but this is my opinion ).
Lets assume you guys have as much shoukaku's as I do… So… Pretty much none…
The conclusion of that would be that less people have more average success with the Shoukaku while Lexington has more people but less success.
Pretty sure we can put survivabillity out here because… Lets be honest: Most CV's anyway cuddle with the map corner.

So you could basically say WG judged by the stats of Performance, Winrate and Popularity.

Lets say we have 25.000 People playing the Shoukaku with a conclusion of 53% winrate.
On the other hand we have 60.000 People playing Lexington with a conclusion of 48% winrate.

What is the issue here?
You could say now: "Okay, stat wise the Shoukaku is clearly outperforming her counterpart"

No, it's not. But why?

I wanna make a little look over to another game… League of Legends.
I make this comparison because it is also a Team Game and a competetive game.
We have ships, they have champions.

At the point i was writing this the champion with the most ( 52,4% ) and second most winrate ( 52,3% ) have an popularity of 5,1% for number 1 and 11,0% for number too in around 400.000 analyzed games.

Meanwhile on number 3 and 4 we have 2 champions with 52,1% winrate but both have a popularity of 1,0% and 1,1%.

The point i am trying to make here is that putting winrate and popularity into basically the same comparison is something that can't be made. This is a problem that which's base completely rests in the people. And i can explain you where the problem there is.

And to clarify this we need to have a look at the stats of the Shoukaku and Lexington. I'm gonna put the most important things in there:

Dive Bomber:
10.640 Damage per Bomb, 6 Bombs per drop ( Upgraded, 4 when not upgraded ), 54% Fire Chance, 3825 HP, Speed 110 – 145, concealment 10km

Torpedo Bomber:
6733 Damage per Torp, 3 Torps per Drop ( Upgraded, 2 when not upfraded ), 37kt speed and 4 km range, 3625HP, Speed 108 – 145, concealment 10km


Dive Bomber:
9620 Damage per Bomb, 3 Bombs per Drop ( Upgraded, 2 when not upgraded ), 55% Fire Chance, 3190 HP, Speed 129 – 166, concealment 10km

Torpedo Bomber:
7567 Damage per Torp, 3 Torps per drop ( Upgraded, 2 when not upgraded ), 50kt speed and 5,5 km range, 3225HP, Speed 120 – 159, concealment 7,5km

Restoration times are all around the same so I left that one out.

So… Where is the problem?

I would say I already have proven that the winrate-playrate thing is already nonsense to a certain degree, such things can also be seen in other competetive games too.

The problem here has several reasons.

First thing is a general problem of CV's and how their economy works. CV's don't get spotting damage so the only thing they actually get rewarded with is Damage and kills, this is also the reason why we all suffer from being CV camped but at the end, we can't really blame them because it is the only thing WG actually rewards them for.

The second problem is in the comparison of Lexington and Shoukaku… The Shoukaku's HE bombs are basically non-existing.

Lexingtons main focus always has been the HE bombs. And they do a decent job, yesteday a Lexington bombed 20k HP away with one drop on my Atago. The difference between the two ships tho is that Lexingtons HE dmg potential is more than x2 because she throws twice as much bombs. Everyone of you who has been using the Shoukaku already knows how useless her HE bombs are when it comes to deal damage. This is due to the fact that the Shoukaku in the PC version has AP bombs, not HE bombs like we have them.

But the main difference between these two ships is that the Lexington also has decent torpedos. Everyone who has played CV's already knows that Torpedo Bombers are more reliant on your aim than your dispersion luck when dropping HE bombs.

Lexington not only has better 'luck' with her HE bomb drops but also decent torpedo's.

Shoukaku on the other hand only has decent torpedo's but no HE bombs.

But what is the point i am trying to make?

Lexington players mainly use her HE bombs because that she has the best HE bombs is her trademark. Meanwhile shoukaku players are forced to use Torpedo's because otherwise she is useless. A Lexington tho has both and both is very decent. And I am bold enough to say that the Torpedo bombers of both are better than the HE bombers.

If you ask me, it is a completely player difference since the torpedo's of both ships almost perform identical, with the Lexington's being a bit harder to hit but almost have the same damage but Lexington has her insane HE bombs while Shoukaku's HE bombs can just be shrugged of as a little pidgeon drop on your car roof.

This all in all makes me question the heavy nerf on the shoukaku and while i am all for adjusting CV's, i think this is the wrong way.

I would say CV's are frustrating for both… Those who play them and those who play against them. But in my opinion the problem is that WG is still trying to fiddle around with the damage instead of finally making mechanical adjustments to the CV's such as giving spotting damage.

Patching in spotting damage for the CV's would already change a lot because CV's would actually be rewarded for the tasks they are supposed to do and then we could actually find out who the good CV players are.

Before i finish up this post i wanna put some of my CV adjustment suggestions in… Although explaining all of them would make this post already longer than it is so I keep myself short there.


– Implement spotting damage for CV's ( shoves CV's away from the dmg only role )
– Nerf CV damage but buff their Plane HP and Restoration Time ( CV's can actively play the game )
– Reduce Plane Concealment ( People have more reaction time )
– Reduce CV conealment and Speed ( You can finally hunt them properly )
– To summon up the damage adjustments, i would reduce the damage but add more projectiles to the drops for a more consistent damage output… Overall nerfed but at least consistent for the "Actively play the game" part
– DD's imo should be able to toggle their AA on/off or only fire their AA at CV's when they have been spotted.
– Def. AA for BB's and add an indicator on enemy ships that have it turned on.
– Reduce their Fire and Flood Chance

What would these changes mean? CV's would have an overall nerfed damage output. Their damage output is rather consistent but heavily dependant on hunting isolated targets. Those adjustment would punish them a little less for flying into blobs but since their damage output on all targets are smaller, it wouldn't make a too big impact to be hit. Right now you gotta make the decision to eat a huge chunk of damage from the CV or to go broadside to the enemy team, hoping to dodge the drop and then get citadels by the enemy team. CV's could be killed earler or at least killed at all in the later game state while with the reduced plane concealment you can early decide if you dodge or not. Their damage output would be still consistent and they could actually influence the game at all times but their main role would switch from doing damage, to being a supportive spotting unit that can get out camping enemies or hunt low life targets instead of camping one ship after another.

DD's are a topic i first wanted to talk about too but as the post got too big i decided against putting it in here.

This would be all, the post is anyway long enough now and if you made it this far, i bet you are already red in your face from all anger and grudge against my opinion.

Cheers, have a good day and feel free to share your opinion.


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