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Recommended Balance changes

Hello and welcome to my detailed rant about Some ships thats need buffs and some ships that urgently need nerfed.

Lets start off with the Buffs

Premium T7 IJN Azuma : this ship needs some love by that I mean it needs more accurate guns and maybe a better fire chance.

Honestly that's all I would ask for this ship as other buffs could make it Overpowered or affect it in no real meaningful way. Accurate but long reloading guns offset its accuracy and it does seem this ship was originally balanced for people who have the AL atago commander which is And event commander that costs Money. I do not think that is fair for the playerbase when a ship is balanced off something that may not be attainable and even so is behind a pay wall considering you have already paid for the ship.

Tech Tree T6 Nagato:

The Nagato needs its former pre-nerf self Back to the state it was. The one saving grace of the Nagato was its accurate guns. With the current state of Nagato its literally the worst T6 Bb in the game by a large margin. The only advantage a nagato has over its T6 Battleships is the fact that it has 16.1 inch guns. Sadly though the Colorado and Sinop outperform it in both accuracy, damage and reload Except Sinop 1 second slower but with a large 850 more alpha and superior accuracy.

Unless you use both AL sharnhorst (a paid event limited Commander which shouldn't be considered for balancing Tech tree ships) and cunniham you will be very lucky to hit much and even when you do its most likely a shatter or an overpen as are the nature of IJN Battleship guns.

This boat is in a very bad place and it urgently needs attention.

Tech Tree T7 Amagi: the ship is alright but I must state its former self was not Overpowered. The old pre nerf amagi wasn't as strong as the current Iowa. The biggest issue with mass data gathering is you aren't accounting for skill levels of the playerbase. IJN battleships in particular the Amagi are not very forgiving and require a fair amount of skill to successfully use. As a result of this the less skilled players tend to write off and bit use the ship after dying quickly. Whereas ships Like Iowa which is not only stronger but easier to use is adopted by the skilled and less skilled all around and therefore the average result will be less of those few skilled players in the amagi along with the occasional less skilled player who tries it a couple times and gives up.

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I've said this for a long time ever since the nerf and strongly believe it wouldn't be a Overpowered ship with our current roster of ships and the buffs of the other nations.

Tech Tree T7 Vanguard: I don't understand why this ship has undergone so much change with borderline in effective gimmicks when all it needs is a better rudder shift so it can fire its back guns and turn to reangle faster.

Tech tree T7 Almalfi: it really needs its SAP to be effective but Immaware you are working on this so thats all I'm going to say.

Now for the nerfs (I have no doubt I'll get some hate for this)

T7 Premium Cruiser Witchita: its little most broken ship in the game with an insanely good rudder shift, fire rate, armour, HE and AP, speed and utility which is really all you need the only thing it doesn't get is torpedoes but who needs them when you can simply dodge or overpen or bounce every salvo shot at you while using high HE alpha and American AP that can be very effective against any target within 10km or more.

Now I'm aware this is a Premium boat so nerfing it is highly unlikely but this boat is stronger than any legendary boat and honestly anything in this game.

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What this boat needs is a raised citadel and slight reduction in maneuverability similar to a baltimore. This way the boat can be killed when its being used by a skilled player and giving broadside is punished which just isn't the case for this boat. I must say these things for the sake of balance. I own this boat aswell and its truly a disgusting boat to fight against and even to play as it simply feels like cheating.

T7 Premium Destroyer Yudachi:

This boat has the easiest to hit Torpedoes in the game that also do the most damage besides the shima. The balancing factor for ships on PC that posses fast Torpedoes is a low alpha Damage. In legends the Yudachi does not have that balancing factor. I strongly recommend nerfing the torpedo damage for the yudachi for its 80knot torps. I'm aware its balancing factor is its low health pool but that is not enough when it's detection is the best in tier by a large amount.

T7 Premium Battleship Jean Bart: not a major nerf to this boat as I find its simply just a strong boat but it does need to give ships that aren't other Jean barts and Iowas an easier time in getting penetrations when the enemy Jean bart is giving anything from a 50 to 45 degree angle or when the ship is giving you a 160-200 degree angle ( for this example 180 degrees is flat broadside)

I'm looking forward to this discussion and in terms of disagreeing with this opinion based on numerous talks with the community's and a lot of gameplay. I would like to hear some evidence and a little about your background before you make any assumptions about these ships where you may not know the full story and have compared these ships to others of the same tier as well as below and above. I have also spoke with a couple Community Contributiors on this matter and Have heard opinions very similar if not the same to the ones listed below. I hope we can have a discussion that is beneficial to the game and not a shouting match where I'm considered wrong because I want to nerf a ship that is your favourite at the moment.

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I do not mean to be mean here but I am aware of the responses I could get but I'm willing to take the hits in order to ensure this game stays fun for everyone in ANY ship.


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