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(replay critiques requested) Please help me stop being a potato

Preface: Yes, I watch iChase, Flamu, Jingles and DestroyerKuroShiokai and have been trying to apply what they mention, but I'm likely messing other things up and am not aware exactly what they are.

Okay, I've made multiple posts asking for help, tactics, etc. and frankly, I think it's just best to bite the bullet and start posting my replays to get peoples advice on how to not suck so badly. Clearly I'm still screwing things up if I'm still floating in the mid 20k in damage when I should be at least 46k in my current ship. What I'm doing just isn't working so perhaps having people see what I'm doing wrong will help me recognize what I need to stop doing.


Roast me, I know I make bad plays, but there's more to it I think than just what I'm seeing. I've played 22 matches just today, and of those, I've only ever been able to win 8 of those games. I am beyond frustrated with constantly losing but I have no idea how to try and play around this in hopes of turning things around for my team while simultaneously not contributing to the loss due to poor game play on my part.

This was the last game I played, and I feel I did not play aggressively enough, the x2 carriers had me paranoid I guess (previous game I had a Lexinton deal 1/3 my HP in a single dive bomber attack, so i was trying to stay somewhat close to my BB's in hopes of additional AA would help fend off at least some of the planes) By the end of this match, I had just given up and decided to try and get a least a little more damage on the opposing ship. Situational awareness was admittedly crap, since I noticed far too late that the other flank had collapsed.

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This one I found myself bottom of the bracket so I was playing extremely conservatively, fearing the guns of the Shikishima, this I think ultimately resulted in my not putting enough pressure on the enemy which further exasperated the collapse of the flank.


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