World of Warships

Requesting support from a Yamato.

This has happened to me a few times now and it's starting to bug me to be honest. It's always the same story, I'm sat there at the start of the match in my 7 million ton big boom machine having a look around the map, seeing what ships of my teammates are where and keeping my itchy trigger finger ready to say hello to the first red BB that pops up. I look around and, of course, my two spawn buddy's are bugging out to parts unknown. Ok, that's to be expected.

What gets me however is the 'teamate I need your support!' my departing friends feel the need to demand of me, and the inevitable 'thank you' when I don't move. I don't know how many people do or do not play the big Japanese sumo, so I thought I might share some observations in order to temper some frankly unreasonable expectations any potential teammates may have.

  1. The Yamato is all big guns and literally nothing else. It turns like an office building and accelerates with the urgency of continental shift. It is not sprinting off the starting blocks following you to God knows where at the start of a match.

  2. At the start of a match it's highly unlikely that I'm going to be doing anything other than pointing forward, especially if I don't know where the reds big guns are. I'm certainly not going to turn my ship and show off my pink tender broadside to the reds simply because you want me to follow you. The side of a Yamato is basically wet cardboard held together with hopes and dreams, and I take great pleasure from picking off the poor fools in their Yama's who do decide to go on a jaunty cruise across the width of the map infront of me.

  3. The Yamato has a range of just over 20k and fires shells heaver than your mom. I can cover you just fine from where I am.

  4. Yes, I know it must be annoying. Yes I know seeing a ship reverse at the begining of a match is basically a meme these days. No I'm still not following you.

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What I will do, gladly so, is advance when it makes sense for me to do so. I'm not a sniper, I will happily advance when pushing or when the team is frier tucked.

I will admit I'm no Sun Tzu, I mess up in matches alot, but please stop making me feel bad for trying to play the game according to the strengths of my ship.


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