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Self Promotion Guidelines v.1.0 2021

Content of the article: "Self Promotion Guidelines v.1.0 2021"

Ahoy Captains!

We got more mod mail asking how to submit YT videos, how to share content from your channel to not break any rules, lately.

Since we have a self promotion rule attached to this subreddit, we thought, that it could help to provide some guidelines of "how to" and help with concerns to maybe breaking the rules.

To add clarification and prevent confusion: this guidelines apply, when your post/link serve PROMOTIONAL purposes to get attention to your channel and boost your popularity. If you just want to share a good game or a short clip from a gameplay situation, you can post it via the video post function as usual, following the Subreddit rules. If you are linking off Reddit this Guideline applies (means, if you post a link/video to twitch/ YT for example), regardless.If you are an official Legends CC, this guidelines apply automatically.

Without further ado, let’s get into it:

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Submitting a Post redirecting to your channel:

It’s pretty straight forward-> submit as IMAGE post and use following "template"


Type of media (Stream ink platform, YT), Name of video on platform, short describtion)

Example: TWITCH- 12hr New Year stream! Testing out new Legendaries with generic streamer and generic YouTuber


Thumbnail of your vid

Comment section:

link to your vid and channel name

Formatting Tipp for posting links: ( will appear as blue clickable text


please use the new "Promo" flair for your submission.

Commenting with a video Link under another Post:

Generally speaking it’s allowed to post a link to a video on your channel in the comment section under a Post from someone else. But please follow those guidelines:

  • Contribute to the post! e.g. don’t slap a plain link under posts.
  • Don’t spam those links (means a few links here and there especially when contributing/ answering a question)is totally fine, but don’t place them in every single comment you submit


If you are planning a contest, please reach out to the Mod Panel via Mod Mail, before posting.

That way, we will be able to talk about it and check together with you, if it’s eligible to be promoted in this Subreddit.

Generally speaking: promoting of non official giveaways and cash prizes is not allowed and will fall under the selling goods rule.

General Guidelines and Rules:

If your video contains NSFW content (extensive swearing, edited blood/ nudity) it has to be visible in the header-> add "Language Warning" or "18+" and mark it as NFSW.

Don’t hijack another video post with your own link. Means: do not slap a link to your own content under another video post or comment like "my video is better than yours ". Exception: OP is asking for your links to share.

The Naming and Shaming rule will apply! Means: if your video is naming and shaming your team/ the enemy team or a specific player/ console/ country of origin, you can do so on your channel (if the platform allows that) but we don’t allow posting Links to those here on this subreddit. (Example title: YT, Potato player found! Look at this Player and what he’s doing!)


Please note:

If your post/comment is breaking the rules stated in this Guideline it will be removed without previous warning and you will get a mod mail with an explanation why it got removed and if you should have any questions/concerns we will try to sort it out and help you via mod mail in privacy.

Here is the WoWs: Legends Media Kit provided by WG for Non commercial use in your Videos.


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